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Questions You Should Be Asking About DNA Testing

In recent years, DNA testing has become a widely-available method to answer a range of questions and provide scientific information in personal, medical and legal situations. Today, professional facilities like ARCpoint Labs of Santa Fe Springs provide highly accessible options for DNA testing, making it easy to get personalized DNA test results.

If you’re considering genetic testing or are looking for a way to unlock the information in your genetic code, here are the top questions to ask about DNA testing:

Why Do You Need DNA Testing?

DNA testing can provide answers to a variety of questions, making it a versatile tool in a variety of situations. It’s important to ask yourself the specific reasons you are considering DNA testing. Your reasons can affect the particular testing solution you choose.

Are You Using a Reputable Lab?

Though there are many options for at-home and mail-in testing services, truly reliable test results can only be provided by professional lab technicians in a reputable lab. Check your lab’s professional certifications and ask about employee training to learn more.

How is a DNA Sample Collected?

A DNA sample is typically collected either through a cheek swab, a saliva sample, or a non-invasive blood test. All methods are generally quick and painless.

Are There Risks Associated with DNA Testing?

DNA testing utilizes only a small genetic sample (typically saliva or blood). There are no known risks to the patient.

What Information Can a DNA Test Provide?

A DNA test can provide a variety of information, including establishing paternity, offering insight into personal health and wellness, tracing ancestral lineage, and determining partner fidelity.

Is a Doctor Referral Required for DNA Testing?

No, you are not required to obtain a doctor’s note or recommendation for DNA testing.

Are DNA Test Results Admissible in Court?

Legally-permissible test results can only be provided by specific labs that adhere to court-accepted procedures, such as ARCpoint Labs of Santa Fe Springs. If you require DNA testing for legal proceedings, it’s important that you choose the proper lab and test option for court-admissible results.

Learn More about DNA Testing from ARCpoint Labs of Santa Fe Springs

If you’re wondering how to test your DNA or have specific questions about DNA testing, ARCpoint Labs of Santa Fe Springs is here to help. We are a trusted provider of DNA testing in Santa Fe Springs, offering highly reliable testing solutions to fit a variety of situations.

Our expert lab technicians provide a comfortable testing experience in our clean and welcoming facilities, eliminating the stress associated with the testing process. To learn more about DNA testing solutions at ARCpoint Labs of Santa Fe Springs, or to schedule your appointment, contact us today at (562) 667-3054.

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