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Accurate, Reliable, Confidential Testing

for Legal and Judicial Purposes

At ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale – North, we stand for Accurate, Reliable, and Confidential legal testing. We deliver this level of service in many key ways:

  • Accuracy in Legal Testing
  • The Reliability of Our Court-Admissible Tests
  • Confidential Results
  • Get Legal Drug, Alcohol, & DNA Testing

When partnering with you or your organization for legal drug and alcohol testing, ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale – North seeks to become an extension of your program. Let us be an extra pair of eyes and ears, noting issues with the program and any changes in personality or behavior in participants.


Drug and Alcohol Testing Services

When it comes to legal matters like divorce proceedings, child custody determinations, DUI charges, or pretrial diversion / intervention, the accuracy of drug, alcohol, DNA, and lab testing results is of paramount importance. Whether you are an attorney, a judge, a social worker, or a Pretrial Diversion / Intervention Officer, ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale - North can serve as a trusted partner for legal testing.

We offer a variety of court-admissible tests to meet any need for legal and judicial evidence.

Drug Court

Drug courts are a diversionary program for people suspected of possessing or using illegal drugs. It gives them a pathway focused on treatment and prevention as an alternative to the punitive nature of the criminal justice system.

Pretrial Intervention & Diversion

Minor and first-time drug offenders in Scottsdale – North are increasingly being diverted out of the traditional punitive pathway toward the department of corrections and down a treatment and prevention pathway via drug court programs.


Court-Ordered DNA Testing

Scottsdale - North courts can order DNA, drug or alcohol testing in a variety of different circumstances. The hallmark for court-admissible testing is reliability, which can be assured by a careful chain-of-custody protocol. Courts rely on DNA testing to determine custody, child support, paternity, inheritance, immigration cases and more. ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale - North testing protocols ensure admissibility in the case.

Provide Supporting Evidence with Reliable DNA Testing

Attorneys in Scottsdale – North increasingly order their own DNA and drug testing to provide supporting evidence and eliminate unwanted surprises during litigation. Reliable, accurate DNA and drug & alcohol testing in Scottsdale – North takes the uncertainty out of many family law cases. ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale – North is a reliable partner to present a reliable case.


STD Testing

According to a 2013 report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States has the highest sexually transmitted disease infection rate in the industrialized world. Statistically, one of every two sexually-active adults will get a sexually transmitted disease before the age of 25. And parents should be aware: one in every four teens currently has a sexually transmitted disease. In fact, young people aged 15-24 are particularly affected, accounting for 50 percent of all newly-diagnosed STDs, although they represent just 25 percent of the sexually-experienced population.

Comprehensive STD Panels

ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale – North offers comprehensive STD panels at our lab. We test for STDs by collecting blood, saliva or other fluids. Results are returned within a few business days. If you’re unsure if you’ve been exposed to an STD and need a comprehensive lab test(s) to look for possible infections, please contact ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale – North.


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Accurate, Reliable, Confidential Testing

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