Safe and Reliable DNA Testing in Scottsdale

Legal and Personal DNA Tests with a Fast Turnaround

Whatever your reason for getting a DNA test, it must be important. More often than not, you have crucial and potentially life-changing consequences riding on the results of your test. When you get them, you need to be sure that the results you get are accurate, and you can’t be kept waiting around forever.

Important life outcomes and implications depend on the results of your test. At ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale, we will honor that with technical expertise, dedication to customer service, and prompt and timely results. When our DNA testing technicians process the results of your test, be it a paternity test or immigration DNA panel, you can expect speed without sacrificing quality. You will have reliable and accurate DNA test results from our Scottsdale lab that are confidential, administered using rigorous medical standards, and have legally-admissible results in court.

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Professional DNA Testing Near You

If you’re an immigrant or an expat with an American family member and you need to prove you’re related for visa purposes, we got you covered. If you’re in the middle of a custody battle fighting for your right to be in your child’s life, ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale is here to help you see it through. If you’re just an individual seeking to understand their genetic makeup on a deeper level for personal reasons, we offer DNA testing solutions at our Scottsdale facility for health and wellness screenings.

DNA tests can easily cost thousands of dollars and leave you in the dark for weeks on end. You won’t worry about receiving that kind of treatment from us. Most of our tests cost just around $200 and have results delivered within a week or less. Our Scottsdale DNA testing lab has trained and certified staff who can consult you on the best tests to have given your situation, and then have them done with quick and accurate results.

If you need a DNA test done in Scottsdale look no further. Call (480) 568-2675 today to learn how we can help you.

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