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Can a DNA Test Be Wrong?

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

When you’re in need of DNA testing, it’s likely that accuracy is one of your top priorities. Results from a DNA test are often life changing, and it’s critical that you receive reliable answers you can trust beyond a shadow of a doubt. However, many people are concerned about the possibility of their DNA testing going wrong, resulting in incorrect or inaccurate information that alters their life path forever.

Although cases of faulty DNA tests are rare, as a growing number of options emerge for both lab and at-home testing services, it’s important to understand how to minimize the risk. Learning more about what can go wrong with a DNA test will eliminate any confusion and ensure you choose a high-quality testing option that will provide you with the clear, accurate results you need.

Here are a few factors that can affect the accuracy of DNA test results:

Sample Contamination

Clean samples are critically important to the accuracy of your results, but unfortunately, accidental contamination is not uncommon. One of the biggest sources of sample contamination comes from the handling of at-home test kits, which puts the collection process in the hands of a non-professional. And in a non-accredited lab setting, untrained technicians and human error can also lead to contamination issues. When it comes time to test the sample, the presence of additional human DNA can severely affect the lab’s ability to clearly determine results.

However, choosing a reputable, AABB-certified lab is an excellent way to avoid this issue altogether. In a setting such as this, technicians are extensively educated in the proper handling of samples, and the collection process is administered by a professional.

Intentional Tampering

Unfortunately, paternity test errors are sometimes the result of intentional tampering by one or more parties involved in the process. In many cases of paternity testing, one of the parties is hoping for a particular outcome, and certain people are willing to do nearly anything to ensure they get the results they want. Intentional sample tampering is a fairly easy thing to do when using an at-home lab test because the collection process can be done completely behind closed doors.

Scheduling a professionally-administered paternity test at a lab facility will eliminate this concern, because the sample will be collected under direct observation. As a result, even the most determined individual will be unable to tamper with their sample in any way.

Basic Human Error

In rare occurrences, DNA test results can be skewed by simple human error. Whether a technician is poorly trained, inattentive, or not held to a certain standard, he or she can have a pivotal impact on the accuracy of the results.

You can safeguard the accuracy of your results by choosing a professional lab facility that maintains industry certifications and holds their technicians to a high standard of performance.

{Sub:BusinessName}, an AABB-Certified Lab You Can Trust

At {Sub:BusinessName}, we understand that DNA testing is an extremely serious matter, and we don’t take our responsibility lightly. Our lab is AABB-certified, and our technicians are extensively trained to the highest standard of quality. From the moment you enter our facility, you’ll feel confident that your test results are in the hands of professionals. We take great care to avoid any possible contamination, testing error, or other issues, delivering you with fast, accurate results and the answers you need.

Contact {Sub:BusinessName} today to learn more about our wide variety of testing solutions, and let us help you choose the best option to suit your needs.

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