What are the Different Types of DNA Tests?

What are the Different Types of DNA Tests?

What are the Different Types of DNA Tests? - ARCpoint Labs of Seattle West
DNA tests utilize a highly accurate process for collecting genetic data, providing useful information and reliable answers. At ARCpoint Labs of Seattle, we offer several DNA testing options to fit your specific situation, all facilitated with the care and expertise of our highly trained lab technicians.


The latest DNA technology has made it possible to learn more about the ancestral roots of your family. This technology answers questions like “where did we come from?” and “what is my heritage?” Our lab utilizes a small mouth swab sample to trace your ancestry, offering eye-opening information about your family’s background, as well as a personalized wall map detailing that background.


DNA testing is often an immigration requirement utilized to show familial relationships. ARCpoint Labs of Seattle works with AABB-accredited facilities to ensure your lab results meet the US immigration requirements.


Dealing with questions of fidelity is a painful experience, but ARCpoint Labs of Seattle can help you get the answers you need to move forward. Our DNA testing process can utilize microscopic samples of DNA on nearly any given item, providing you with legally-admissible results.

Paternity and Family Relationships

A DNA paternity test is a valuable tool to resolve questions of paternity, as well as to meet the requirements of court-ordered proceedings. The paternity testing process is quick and simple, and can even be performed before the birth of a child. We also offer tests to determine if another person is a grandparent, sibling, or another relative.

Learn More About Your Options for DNA Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Seattle

ARCpoint Labs of Seattle is proud to be a trusted provider of DNA testing services for a range of testing solutions to meet your needs. Our lab technicians are experts in the field, providing accurate test results and a comfortable, professional testing environment.
Whether you’re looking for more information about where to get an ancestry DNA test, need legally-permissible immigration paternity testing, or are looking for a DNA paternity test for personal reasons, ARCpoint Labs is here to help. Contact our ARCpoint Labs of Seattle team to learn more about DNA testing and how it can provide you with the answers you need.
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