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There are many seemingly complicated events and questions in life that a simple DNA test can help answer. Whether you are curious about your paternal heritage or need to find the origins of your family tree, genetic testing can scientifically reveal the answers you need. If you are searching for Seattle DNA Testing, ARCpoint Labs is the premier genetic testing lab in the area.

At ARCpoint Labs, we know that these answers are critical and time-sensitive; that is why we offer testing at a clean and professional location with certified collectors who make sure your results are accurate and fast. In addition, many of the tests we offer are admissible in court and can be used for evidence in custody cases and immigration hearings.

DNA testing is a highly-scientific method for gaining an up-close look at the information living within the human genetic code, providing details that cannot be unlocked with less advanced methods. Whether you’re an individual hoping to find answers related to questions of paternity, ancestry, infidelity, or general wellness, or you’re a physician that needs a highly professional partner to provide patients with DNA testing services, ARCpoint Labs should be your first choice.

Available Services at ARCpoint Labs in Seattle

The following are the genetic tests we offer at ARCpoint Labs of Seattle:


We provide testing both to satisfy your curiosity about your heritage as well as legal chain of custody paternity testing. Legal paternity tests are admissible in a court of law and legally binding. Generally, all that is required for a paternity test is a gentle cheek swab. We even offer next-day results if your case is urgent.


Authenticate your family quickly and legally for your visa and/or immigration case with our genetic testing. We know that this process can be stressful, and that is why we offer our tests at a facility that makes you feel secure. Typically, all that is required is a simple cheek swab.


Suspecting your significant other of cheating is confusing and devastating, but we can help you get to the bottom of it. At ARCpoint Labs, we take the guesswork out of cheating. All you need is a simple genetic test to confirm or allay your suspicions.


Ever wonder where your family tree leads? With our DNA ancestry test you will receive a report that shows you where you came from and we even provide a customized wall map of the world with your ancestry highlighted.

Choosing the Right DNA Testing Service for You

Genetic testing is a great tool for many different people in various situations. At ARCpoint Labs of Seattle, we strive to help you get the answers you need. If you are in search of DNA testing and are in the Seattle area, contact us today to set up an appointment or to ask any questions you may have about the tests we offer.


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