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Why Get a Clinical DNA Test Vs. Direct-to-Consumer DNA Kits?

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Companies that tout at-home DNA tests or direct-to-consumer kits usually have the same marketing strategy: Take this test and learn more about yourself and your health. These marketing tactics have been very effective, enticing 26 million people to purchase DNA and genetic test kits that may yield inaccurate results.

At {Sub:BusinessName}, we want you to have answers about your overall health and the testing methods that provide the most precise answers.

Why Would Someone Need a DNA/Genetic Test?

DNA and genes can provide useful information about your current health, family history, and chances of developing life-changing conditions.

Many people opt for DNA/genetic testing to:

  • Trace genealogy – At-home genetic tests have become extremely popular over the last 3-4 years. Many people are interested in knowing where their ancestors resided and the percentage of genes that could be from a different race or culture.
  • Detect a genetic anomaly in an unborn child – A simple DNA blood test collected from a pregnant person could help provide information about that unborn child’s genetic makeup. Some parents choose genetic testing to ensure their baby’s health before birth. Or to understand more about a potential condition and the care required after birth.
  • Learn about genetic mutations – Unfortunately, your DNA may be predisposed to carry and pass on a specific condition due to a genetic mutation. A DNA test can offer more information about this mutation and the chances of passing it to future children.
  • Establishing paternity – Unlike reality TV shows, paternity testing isn’t as dramatic as a talk show host shouting, “you are the father!” to a rousing audience. DNA paternity testing is a simple buccal or cheek swab from the potential father and child to determine a possible genetic match.
  • Determine the effectiveness of certain medications – Believe it or not, genetic testing can help you understand the effectiveness of certain drugs for preexisting conditions. Pharmacogenetic testing can efficiently help you and your doctor develop a successful treatment plan with the right medications.

Limitations of an At-Home DNA/Genetic Kits

While at-home DNA tests can provide some insight into your health, there are specific limitations that go along with them. We always recommend reading the instructions on direct-to-consumer genetic kits to ensure proper test administration. Still, at-home test kits will always have certain restrictions that clinical tests do not.

For example, at-home genetic tests:

  • May not be as accurate – How accurate are at-home DNA/genetic tests? These DIY test kits can be up to 99.9% accurate. But that percentage isn’t all-encompassing and varies from person to person. A genetic counselor detailed 23andMe’s health test inaccuracies in the Los Angeles Times, citing that a breast cancer survivor tested negative for the BRCA2 gene mutation.
  • Could produce a possible misdiagnosis – Tests that claim to help you detect genetic mutations or a predisposition to developing certain conditions could yield false positives without your knowledge. The anxiety that comes with those kinds of results can be extremely detrimental.
  • Might cause you to misinterpret the results – Along with a misdiagnosis, you may also experience a misinterpretation of the results. You may discover a genetic risk for developing an illness, but the truth is, it’s no different from anyone else.

Many geneticists and medical professionals agree that direct-mail health tests should be taken with a grain of salt and seen as “for fun” and nothing more. If you do decide to take a direct-to-consumer DNA test, ensure you consult a genetic counselor or medical professional for complete assurance.

Reasons You Can Trust {Sub:BusinessName} for Clinical Lab DNA Testing

More Accuracy

Because highly trained and certified professionals manage clinical lab DNA tests, there’s little room for error. In fact, we take specific precautions to guarantee your results are as exact as possible, including:

  • Keeping our facility regularly disinfected
  • Routinely training our professionals on proper procedure and protocol
  • Hiring only the most qualified specialists in the industry today
  • Wearing the proper protective gear to eliminate contamination

Fast Turnarounds

Our team provides genetic test results as soon as the same day or within 24 to 48 hours. We won’t keep you waiting six weeks or more because we know you immediately need answers to potentially life-changing questions. You can trust that our St. Augustine team will collect samples accurately to produce higher testing efficacy.

Cost-Effective Options

Direct-to-consumer health and genetic tests can be somewhat inexpensive. However, you could be paying for inaccuracies and false results because of user error, or the information provided by genetic testing companies is based on population databases.

Our team offers cost-effective and detailed testing that helps you plan for your health, the arrival of a new life, lower anxiety, and unlock mysteries about your genetics. We have various tests with prices to accommodate almost everyone.

Mobile DNA Collecting

Convenience is key when it comes to DNA and genetic testing. And while at-home DNA kits offer ease and convenience, they still have restrictions and disadvantages. Our sample collectors and professionals bring the testing directly to you. You won’t have to worry about reading instructions to ensure you’re administering the test accurately. We’ll take care of everything for you and bring the necessary equipment to get precise outcomes when you need them.

DNA/Genetic Testing Options

At-home kits typically don’t provide many options in terms of the important information you can glean from the results. Most testing kits are designed to scan for gene variants that predict the chances of developing a certain condition or offer details about your general health.

We offer DNA tests for:

  • Immigration
  • Infidelity
  • Grandpaternity
  • Maternity
  • Paternity
  • Siblingship
  • Early gender reveal

Get Precise Answers to Life’s Most Important Questions Today!

{Sub:BusinessName} is here to help you collect as much information regarding genealogy, health, and so much more. Our team is qualified and happy to help you get the necessary answers so you can make medical treatment decisions. We deliver fast, exact, and comprehensive DNA tests that help you live a happier and healthier life.

Call (904) 217-0479 or contact us for more information. You can also request an appointment at our St. Augustine location today.

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