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College Students Hooked on Prescription “Smart Drugs”

At colleges across America, students are becoming addicted to a popular  prescription drug — not because they’re trying to get high, but because  they hope to get smarter. The drug, Adderall, is normally prescribed for kids with attention deficit disorder. But some college kids are taking  the medication because it helps them focus and pull all-nighters.

Parents accustomed to warning their kids about the dangers of alcohol  and stimulants like cocaine may have been caught off guard by the  growing prevalence of prescription medication use among college students  trying score good grades. While Adderall is considered safe when taken  as prescribed by a doctor, experts say it can be very addictive.

Struggling  to keep up with  schoolwork students gratefully took the “smart pills.” Within weeks they became addicted, buying several pills a day.

“You become dependent on it, because you’ll use it one night to study  for a test like I did and the next thing you know, you’re using it  every night to study for a test,” says one student.

Addiction isn’t the only possible fallout from “smart pills.” While  they can help students focus for hours on end, they can get in the way  of other cognitive skills.

“In some instances these types of drugs can hurt you,” said Dr. Nora  Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug  Abuse. “For example,  when people want to do creative or imaginative things.”

The same drugs that can improve focus can inhibit flights of  imagination, which may make it more difficult to write creatively,  Volkow explained to Robach.

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