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How Do I Prepare for My DNA Test?

One of the most frequently asked questions about DNA testing focuses on how to prepare for a DNA test, with many people uncertain about what types of DNA tests might best suit their situation, what the DNA testing process looks like, and even how long they should expect to wait for DNA results. Recent advancements in DNA testing options, including at-home kits that advertise easy results without a trip to the lab, have further added to the confusion that many people have surrounding the topic.

If you’re in need of a DNA test, or have a DNA test scheduled in the near future, understanding the basics of the process can help you be better prepared. The best way to get ready for a DNA test is simply to educate yourself about the process.

Here are a few of the most commonly asked questions about DNA testing, so you can enter the experience feeling comfortable and well-informed.

What is the Process for DNA Testing?

Getting a DNA test is a fairly straightforward process, usually requiring about four steps for legally-admissible results:

  • First, an independent party will collect the samples using a quick, painless cheek swab.
  • Then, the samples are carefully transported to the lab, where it will be prepared to be analyzed by highly-trained technicians.
  • The samples are then tested to either confirm or deny a genetic link, and a report will be generated summarizing the lab’s findings.
  • The lab report is provided to the court if they are required for legal proceedings.

How Long Does a Paternity Test Take?

The child and supposed father will only be required to be present for the collection portion of the paternity test, as all other steps take place in a professional lab setting. Collecting the DNA samples usually takes just a few minutes using a cheek swab.

How Long Does It Take to Get Paternity Test Results?

While all labs are different, an accredited lab typically provides standard DNA test results (testing one child with one possible child) in about one to two business days after samples are received. If you’re considering a few different lab facilities, be sure to ask them about their estimated results window – some labs can take up to 12 weeks to provide a results report.

What Kind of Paperwork Do You Need to Provide for Legal DNA Testing?

Legal DNA testing is often required for court proceedings (such as child custody or child support cases), passport processing, and immigration cases. You should check with your attorney to confirm the specific paperwork needed for your case. In some court cases, you may be required to submit the original paperwork rather than a photocopy or scan.

It’s important to note that in these situations, an at-home DNA kit is not acceptable. Because at-home DNA testing does not follow a professional “chain of command” process that prevents user error, contamination, or tampering, Texas and federal courts will not accept the results.

Legally-Admissible DNA Testing in Sugar Land, TX

ARCpoint Labs of Sugar Land is a trusted provider of fast, accurate DNA testing, offering testing services that adhere to court requirements and the highest industry standards. At our clean, comfortable facility in Sugar Land, Texas, your DNA test will be quick and hassle-free, administered by our highly-trained technicians. Here, you can be confident that you’ll receive reliable results in a timely manner, giving you exactly what you need to move forward both personally and legally.

For more information about the DNA testing process and what sets ARCpoint Labs apart, contact our Sugar Land location today.