How to Handle CBD in the Workplace

As you read about CBD in the workplace, you’ll learn:

  • What you can do to discourage the use of CBD among your employees
  • What CBD is and how it can affect your employees

To increase productivity, you need to limit the risk of workplace accidents by maintaining a safe company environment. One of the best ways to do this is to implement a drug-free policy to ensure that your employees are not impaired while they are working. However, people sometimes decide not to abide by the rules set in place by the company they work for. CBD is a substance that is growing in popularity among people in the workforce, so if you want to maintain a drug-free working environment, you need to understand how to handle the substance in the workplace. Here’s what you need to know to develop a strong CBD policy.

What Is CBD?

When hemp was removed from the federal list of controlled substances in 2018, the popularity of hemp-derived CBD oil skyrocketed. CBD oil is just one of the many compounds found in the cannabis plant, and although it isn’t FSA-approved or regulated, it is popular for helping a wide variety of ailments.

CBD oil itself does not cause a high as other drugs do. Because CBD use does not impair the user, it is not inherently a dangerous substance. The primary concern with employees using this drug is that the substance may contain traces of THC, which will result in a positive drug test.

What Is The THC Threshold?

Federal law defines the difference between hemp and marijuana, based on THC content; several states explicitly state that any cannabis with 0.3% THC or less is classified as “hemp“ while any cannabis exceeding this limit is classified as “marijuana.

This is a marker that‘s been chosen to classify cannabis. This edge point is used in many legal classifications of “what is cannabis” versus “What is hemp.” The federal government uses this threshold to demarcate legal hemp/cannabis from illegal hemp/cannabis, for CBD products. Several states explicitly articulate this THC limit as the dividing line between hemp and marijuana.

Ways To Combat CBD in the Workplace

Because CBD is not an illegal substance, dealing with it in the workplace can be challenging. Implementing the following habits can help you keep everyone in your company safe:

  • Educate employees: Many people start using CBD oil based on the recommendations of their friends or family members. The best way to keep CBD use out of your workplace is to educate your workers on all of the unknowns associated with the substance.
  • Train your supervisors: Make sure anyone in a managerial role in your company recognizes the signs of impairment due to substance abuse.
  • Revise your drug policy: There is no way to measure any amount of impairment caused by CBD. Implementing a strict no-CBD policy is the best way to show your employees what you expect of their job performance.
  • Start drug testing: Workplace drug testing is a good way to deter employees from using illegal or prohibited drugs. Make sure to perform on-site testing randomly and regularly.

Workplace Drug Policy To Address CBD Use

When developing a CBD policy, it is vital to take into consideration the laws of your state; most states permit employers to prohibit CBD. However, there are a few states that do not differentiate between medical and recreational CBD. Check to make sure your drug policy falls within the guidelines of your state. It should be noted again, that it’s difficult to detect CBD in drug testing, unless THC is present in any of the employee’s CBD products.

Employee Drug Testing Services in Sugar Land, TX

One of the best ways to deal with CBD in the workplace is to implement random drug testing to identify use. Partnering with a reputable laboratory such as ARCpoint Labs of Sugar Land, Texas, is a good way to ensure accurate on-site drug testing. We are located at the corner of Highway 90A and Dairy Ashford, near the intersection of Highway 59 and Dairy Ashford, putting us in a convenient spot to provide your works with CBD testing regardless of where your workplace is located in Sugar Land. If you are interested in starting a drug-testing program to deter the use of CBD in your employees, contact us today.

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