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DNA paternity tests in Sugar Land, TX, are performed when there is uncertainty about who the father of a child is. Sometimes the father seeks a test to establish a legal relationship with his child, giving him the right to seek custody. Other times, a mother may ask for the test to claim child support from the father. In either case, a DNA test cost is only a couple hundred dollars to answer the question definitively, one way or the other.

How Is a DNA Paternity Test Performed?

DNA testing involves collecting samples of cells from both the child and the putative father and comparing them in a lab to see if they match. 

How DNA Is Collected

Cells from tissues and bodily fluids contain DNA. Does urine hold DNA? Yes, but in smaller amounts than saliva or blood, it is not worth the DNA test cost because it breaks down more quickly. Besides sanitary concerns, urine samples are not used for DNA tests for these reasons.

Usually, the inside of the mouth is swabbed to collect saliva and cheek cells, which are shed frequently. Swabbing the cheek is easy and painless. The man to be tested can swab his own cheek, and a parent can swab that of an infant or young child. DNA testing using blood is also possible but less frequently performed. 

How the Test Works in the Lab

The DNA has to be extracted and amplified for the sample to be workable. A geneticist calculates the probability that the man is the father of the tested child based on the data analysis. The data is collected using the Short Tandem Repeat Analysis to capture information for at least 16 and up to 20 genetic markers. The test is very accurate. A positive result can mean a probability that the man is the father of up to 99%.

Legal Vs. Non-Legal Paternity Testing?

Legal paternity testing is court-ordered to settle a question of family law, usually related to child support or custody. The results constitute legal documentation and are admissible in court. 

However, sometimes you are willing to absorb the DNA test cost for your own peace of mind, not because a court in Sugar Land, TX, is forcing you to. For this, you can use a non-legal DNA test. This uses a less formal approach and, though accurate, the results are not admissible in court. 

Is Prenatal Testing Possible?

In the past, prenatal DNA testing required taking samples of fetal DNA from the womb. Because this posed a risk of miscarriage, it was only performed when necessary. However, non-invasive prenatal paternity testing is possible, meaning that you do not have to wait until the child’s birth to determine whether you are the father. 

What Is Tested With Non-Invasive Prenatal Paternity Testing?

For a prenatal test, the father typically performs a cheek swab to provide a sample of his DNA, as he would after the baby’s birth. It is impossible to swab an unborn baby’s mouth, so the baby’s sample is collected by identifying free-floating fetal DNA in a blood sample from the mother. This can be performed when the mother is at least seven weeks pregnant.

When Will You Get the DNA Test Results?

With the fastest DNA test, results are typically available within three to five business days.  

Paternity Testing in Sugar Land, TX

Whatever your situation, you deserve to know the truth, whatever the DNA test costs. ARCpoint Labs offers comprehensive testing solutions for paternity testing and DNA testing for immigration purposes, affordably. Contact us for an appointment. 

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