Tempe-Chandler DNA Testing Services

Paternity Testing, Infidelity and Cancer Risk Testing Near You

DNA testing can be expensive. When it isn’t expensive, it can take a while to get results. If it’s not either of those things, at-home DNA tests that are cheaper and more widely available aren’t as accurate as those done in a laboratory setting. ARCpoint Labs of Tempe-Chandler offers you all of those: comprehensiveness, comfort, convenience, and certainty.

If you need your DNA test analyzed, you’re in good hands with ARCpoint Labs of Tempe-Chandler. Call (480) 590-6124 or schedule an appointment online.

At our DNA testing lab in the Tempe-Chandler, Arizona area, we offer:

  • Paternity, Grandparentage and Siblingship Tests: Can be done whether for informational reasons or as admissible evidence in court.

  • Ancestral Origins: Trace your ancestral roots back to populations around the world

  • Cancer Risk: Determine your risk of cancer from hereditary and genetic factors (breast cancer, skin cancer, brain/nervous system cancer, etc.)

  • Gender Reveal/SneakPeek: Get an early glimpse into the biological gender of your child, as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy

  • Infidelity Tests: Find out whether your partner or spouse has been faithful using a cheek swab from you and DNA samples from your partner (underwear, sheets, condoms, etc.)

  • Missing Parent: Find the identity of your child’s missing parent from both paternal grandparents and the child

  • PGX Test (Pharmacogenomics): Test how well you metabolize certain medications

Are ARCpoint DNA tests 100% accurate?

Yes. If done properly and in a medical setting, DNA tests are nearly 100% accurate. They can be done via a cheek swab or blood tests, but must be done in a laboratory setting to be useable as court evidence.

ARCpoint Labs offers DNA testing solutions according to national testing standards at our 130+ locations nationwide, including our Chandler, AZ DNA testing lab on Elliot Rd. by S. Price Highway. We partner with labs and organizations that allow us to offer comprehensive and cost-effective testing solutions at any ARCpoint Labs location you go to, including:

  • Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA)

  • QuestDiagostics

  • LabCorp

If you need a DNA test done in the Tempe-Chandler area, call (480) 590-6124 or reach out to us online.