The Skinny on Workplace Health & Wellness Programs

woman practicing yogaWorkplace health and wellness initiatives promote a healthy lifestyle for employees and can be as basic as smoking cessation programs and wellness education seminars, or as sophisticated as on-site gyms, wearable fitness trackers, company-wide competitions, and more.

But are such programs worth the investment? Absolutely.

Your employees are your most important asset, and a worksite health and wellness program is an investment in their well-being. But employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from such initiatives, as employers can expect:

  • Decreases of up to 80% in lost work days
  • Decreases of up to 64% in modified duty days
  • Decreases of up to 50% in workers’ compensation premiums
  • Increases in on-the-job satisfaction and employee retention

Here’s how—

Lower Healthcare Costs

When employees start exercising daily, eating better, and taking specific steps to prevent chronic illnesses they may be at-risk for, great things start to happen—namely, they’re less likely to get sick or injure themselves.

A healthier workforce requires fewer unexpected days off, trips to the doctor, prescriptions, and claims, thus keeping healthcare costs lower overall. Yup, that’s right: investing in a wellness program now could actually help your bottom line in a number of ways later.

Enhanced Recruiting, Reduced Turnover

Did you know a robust health and wellness program could also help with recruiting and retention? When evaluating employment opportunities, this “perk” often serves as compelling differentiator—especially amongst Millennial and Gen Z candidates.

These programs make it clear to potential employees that their well-being is important to the company. Feeling cared for also increases job satisfaction amongst current employees and strengthens the team’s loyalty, both of which have a positive impact on employee retention and even referrals.

Increased Productivity

Happy, healthy employees are also productive employees. Regular exercise is known to improve cognitive function, boost alertness and focus, and can curb anxiety and depression—all of which are desirable qualities in efficient, effective employees!

And, as we mentioned earlier, healthier lifestyles mean less sick days and time time away from work for doctors appointments, meaning projects can stay on schedule, and individuals can focus on their tasks without having to cover for absent team members or risk burning out.

Improved Morale

Health and wellness programs not only help employees feel more connected to the company, but to each other. These initiatives give employees new opportunities to connect with team members at all levels over positive shared experiences, which elevates your business’ social health and company culture.

While it’s harder to assign an exact dollar amount to this particular benefit when measuring ROI, the renewed sense of team camaraderie can certainly be felt far and wide.

Interested in learning more about how a health and wellness program could benefit your business? Contact ARCpoint Labs! Our experts will work with you one-on-one to develop a custom program that suits your company’s size, needs, and goals.