Are your contact lenses making your eyes dry?

Contact lenses are prescription medical devices used to correct vision without changing the person’s appearance. They are regulated by the FDA’s Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act and consist of two types of lenses: hard contacts and soft contacts. Around 140 million people wear contacts around the world, with about 45 million in the United States.

But despite this, 10-50% of contact wearers stop using contact lenses within the first 3 months. The main reason is due to contact lens discomfort (CLD), with 70% reporting the discomfort due to dry eyes. If you feel your dry eyes are bothering you while wearing contacts, there’s a reason for the issue and a solution to the problem.

When contact lenses are inserted, they rest on the ocular surface and separate the tear film into pre-lens and post-lens tear films. This decreases the volume of the aqueous layer of the pre-lens tear film and the contact lens surface loses its ability to stay wet due to the lack of a hydrophilic mucin layer. Without this layer, tears can’t stick to the surface and therefore can’t protect the eyes from dryness or contaminants. Therefore, lubrication is important in order to prevent inflammation and infection.

At ARCpoint Labs of The Woodlands, our serum tears are high-quality serum eye drops that are produced on-site at our facility. While functioning as natural tears, these eye drops can eliminate dryness and provide relief.

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