How do I know if there’s a problem with my heart?

Did you know the heart beats around 2.5 billion times over the average person’s lifetime? This second-most-important organ consistently pushes blood to every part of the body. But when the heart begins to fail, whether due to genetic inheritance, infection, or poor diet and exercise, other problems may arise, such as other organ failures, that can become life-threatening if left untreated.

At ARCpoint Labs of The Woodlands, our Basic Heart Health Panel targets key components to determine if your beating heart is having issues. Here are the main tests.

  • The Complete Blood Count (CBC) looks at the condition of the blood cells for any abnormalities.
  • The Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP) contains a variety of tests to understand your overall physical health.
  • High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein (hs-CRP) test checks lower levels of CRP, the protein that measures inflammation levels in the body. It can be used to determine the risk of heart disease or stroke in people who don’t already have it.
  • The Homocysteine test measures the amount of this amino acid your body is making. If there’s too much present, it can cause damage to the arteries and cause blood clotting.
  • The Lipid Panel is used to measure the fats in your blood for any buildup that may contribute to heart disease, heart attack, and stroke.
  • Urinalysis is a test that analyzes the visual, chemical, and microscopic components of your urine. This is to look for any signs of renal failure, which is common in patients with heart failure.

If you suspect heart problems, schedule an appointment at ARCpoint Labs of The Woodlands today to learn more about your heart health.