Todd Rowland of ARCpoint Labs of Covington Featured in New Orleans Business Review

ARCpoint Labs owner Todd Rowland, who is opening our first Louisiana franchise, ARCpoint Labs of Covington, LA, recently spoke with Ashley Roe of the New Orleans Business Journal.

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Todd Rowland, a health care IT services veteran of over 20 years, is opening the first Louisiana franchise of ARCpoint Labs, in Covington on Oct. 27. After tiring of the corporate lifestyle, the Little Rock native decided he wanted to do something on his own. Last year he began working with a franchise consultant to evaluate opportunities in the metro area. ARCpoint Labs rose to the top of his list.

The Greenville, South Carolina-based company is a full-service national third-party provider and administrator of drug and alcohol testing, DNA and steroid testing and employment background and wellness screenings. The company also offers corporate wellness programs and recently launched ARCpoint MD, a telemedicine service that offers employers and individuals remote access to board-certified primary health care providers at a low monthly service fee.

What core services does ARCpoint Labs offer?

The core business for ARCpoint Labs is drug and alcohol testing. We offer toxicology testing services to employers, but we also provide those services to individuals. This includes many onboarding services such as pre-employment drug tests, alcohol screenings and background checks. We also offer policy development for companies that are interested in maintaining a drug-free workplace. We can even manage the whole program for them and provide all the testing needed.

Why did you choose to open the franchise?

There is a need in the marketplace for it. Drugs are such a huge problem in our culture here so drug-testing is important. It’s important for companies to make sure they have a drug-free workplace because when you have drugs in the workplace, you have productivity and safety issues and there’s a lot of risk for the employer. Also, ARCpoint Labs service line is very diversified. We don’t just offer drug testing. We offer several other services that allow me to figure out what will work and gain traction in the market.

How does the business fill a need in the New Orleans metro and North Shore markets?

In New Orleans and especially on the North Shore and in western St. Tammany Parish, there are not a lot of companies providing this service. Other than Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp, there is really no national brand providing this type of testing. Smaller local testing providers sometimes do a great job; sometimes they don’t. And they often don’t have the relationships with the labs that ARCpoint has and they don’t have the relationships with the national companies that we have.

ARCpoint Labs will also offer the new ARCpoint MD telemedicine service to employers and individuals. What are the benefits of this service to employers and individuals?

For the individual, the service gives patients access to a doctor. Right now it can be problematic to get access to doctors. There are fewer and fewer primary care physicians coming out of medical schools and, with the Affordable Care Act, you have more insured people. That means there are fewer doctors and more people trying to see those doctors, so it’s getting harder and harder to reach an office.

For employers who offer the service to employees, there’s a productivity benefit. Employees can now speak with a doctor over the phone or see them via video. They don’t have to leave the office. They can see a doctor from the office or they can do it from home. As an employer, that means you have less sick time and less time for employees to be away from the office.

Also, for employers who insure themselves, this is a way to save money because patients can receive care for common ailments without having to go to an urgent care clinic or an ER, which is expensive. If the employer is self-insured, they will bear those costs. This service helps ensure patients can quickly go to the appropriate level of care.

What insight do you have on the growth of telemedicine?

The U.S. is ripe for this kind of service. Health care is revolutionizing with technology and with the ACA, costs are escalated and trying to be held down. Telemedicine services give patients another avenue to get care. A lot of times people might avoid going to the doctor if they can’t get an appointment or if it’s too expensive. Then they just get sicker and sicker. Telemedicine services help them get the care they need conveniently and make sure they stay healthy.



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