IV Therapy

Give Your Body the Boost it Needs

Infusion Therapy quickly and effectively delivers needed vitamins and nutrients directly into the bloodstream to rehydrate your body1, revitalize your system and help you meet your wellness goals. Whether you’re looking for more energy2, improved performance, enhanced immunity, something to help you prepare for or recover from your next big event, or just want to feel better, Infusion Therapy can help.

Choose from our selection of popular solutions or create a custom bag to meet your unique personal goals. Services can be performed at home, office, or hotel using our mobile service, or visit our new, luxurious ARCpoint Wellness Lounge, located in suite 106, next door to our ARCpoint Labs WPB office.

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Energizer: $159

Amino acids are essential building blocks of muscle; they drive metabolism and improve recovery. Mixed with energy-boosting B-complex, this cocktail will give you the energy you need for all the challenges. Infusion includes: B-Complex, Amino Blend

Fuel: $179

Hydration starts at the cellular level, and minerals play a pivotal role in keeping your cells nicely balanced. Properly nourished cells mean better nutrient absorption, which leads to optimal hydration. Infusion includes: B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, Mineral Blend

Protect: $159

Getting sick is the last thing a busy person needs. Luckily, with the Protect IV Infusion, you can give your immune system the support it needs to prevent or weaken many common viruses.

Rehydrate: $99

Feeling dehydrated? This simple blend of electrolytes will quench your cells and have you feeling better in no time.

Glow: $179

Your hair, skin, and nails reflect the state of your health from head to toe. Combat dullness and dryness with this special blend of B vitamins plus biotin that will restore shine, flexibility, and elasticity.

Myers Cocktail: $179

The Myer's Cocktail IV Infusion is known for its range of beneficial properties such as supporting re-hydration and immune system function, and also promoting healthy metabolism.

Revive: $179

Feeling a little run down or under the weather lately? It's time to hit pause and restore balance with this powerful combination of minerals and prescription-strength ondansetron. Infusion includes: Mineral Blend, Ondanestron

Compete: $199

Get back to training faster with Compete IV Infusion - a blend of amino acids and microminerals that repairs muscle tissue and speeds up recovery for all fitness levels.

Comeback: $179

Feeling a bit under the weather lately? Revitalize with this special blend of minerals: zinc for energy and immunity-boosting combinations of manganese and selenium.

Vitamin Injections / Add Ons

Vitamin B-12 & Lipotropic Injection: $35

Vitamin b-12 & Lipotropic Injection (Series of 5): $140

Vitamin B-12 Injection: $30

Vitamin B-12 Injection (Series of 5): $100

Shot Biotin: $30

Glutathione: $40

Lipotropic: $60

Tri Immunity: $50

Vitamin D-3: $35

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