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Paternity Testing Services In West Palm Beach

Quick & Reliable Paternity DNA Testing Near You

As part of our commitment to giving our clients peace of mind, ARCpoint Labs of West Palm Beach offers paternity DNA tests. If you need answers to DNA testing questions, whether, for personal or legal reasons, you can rely on our West Palm Beach experts.

Children have the right to know who their father is, and parents have the right to know the answers to their children's paternity questions. With our testing services, you can rest assured that the results will be accurate, confidential, and affordable.

Discover the truth about paternity with our accurate and confidential testing services in West Palm Beach. Contact us online or call (561) 944-8981 to schedule an appointment!

Three options are available for paternity testing:

  • Information Paternity – No identification is required, and this test cannot be used in court. This test can be conducted with a simple cheek swab, and it offers clients peace of mind.
  • Legal Paternity – For this test, you will need a government-issued photo ID. Once the results have been obtained, a legal document will be provided to you. If the father is deceased, grandparents, aunts, uncles, or siblings can be tested. Typically, this type of test is used for:
    • Custody cases
    • Immigration
    • Estate settlements
    • Social Security benefits
    • Court orders
  • Prenatal Paternity – This non-invasive blood test can be taken by pregnant women at nine weeks to determine their father's identity.

Hassle-Free Paternity Testing In West Palm Beach

At ARCpoint Labs of West Palm Beach, paternity testing is easy and convenient:

  • Call Us Today. We can schedule paternity tests online - or you can drop by our testing center to set one up.
  • Submit a Sample. One of our professional staff members will quickly and confidentially collect your test sample.
  • Obtain Your Results. Results are delivered securely and confidentially by email.

Are Paternity DNA Tests Accurate?

Modern DNA tests are highly accurate. The accuracy rate of correctly administered and analyzed tests is more than 99%.

Depending on the type of test, prenatal DNA tests have an accuracy rate of 98% to 99.9%.

Why Partner With ARCpoint Labs of West Palm Beach

is backed by a national brand with extensive experience in delivering reliable and affordable DNA tests. With our DNA testing services, we can answer your questions about ancestry, paternity, or wellness.

If you need help deciding which test is right for you, one of our professionally trained staff members can assist you. Whether you are testing for legal, professional, or personal reasons, we send all our samples to an accredited laboratory for accurate results.

Get fast, reliable paternity testing in West Palm Beach today and gain peace of mind. Schedule your appointment online or call (561) 944-8981 today!

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