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Healthcare and Testing:
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Helping You Create a Drug-Free Workplace

Annual Health Screenings

Booking annual health screenings with ARCpoint Labs of Woburn will give you peace of mind and help you make informed decisions about your health.

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Preventative Healthcare
for Women

As we celebrate National Women’s Health Month, it’s essential to prioritize your health and well-being. Let’s make this month a time for empowering women to take control of their healthcare.

Upcoming Training

Join ARCpoint Labs of Woburn for our upcoming Reasonable Suspicion Training: Identifying & Responding to Workplace Impairment.

May 21st, 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM ET 


(781) 460-6020


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400 W Cummings Park Suite 3500 Woburn, MA 01801


How Can Pharmacogenetics Testing Benefit You?

What is Pharmacogenetics TestingPharmacogenetics, sometimes referred to as PGX or pharmacogenomics testing, is concerned with identifying and understanding the role of genes in response to medications. To better match the dosage to an individual’s needs,...

STD Testing Without Insurance: Everything You Should Know

Over 60% of people with STDs have no symptoms, and many others have symptoms that they confuse with other conditions. The only reliable way to know if your symptoms are caused by an STD is with STD testing, but where can you go for accurate, reliable, and confidential...

Empowering Men’s Health: Comprehensive Assessments and Blood Tests at ARCpoint Labs

At ARCpoint Labs, we believe that promoting men's health goes beyond mere awareness. That is why we offer an array of tailored men's health panels and blood tests, designed to provide valuable insights into overall health and address potential concerns. Our Men's...

The representative was very friendly and courteous and even though I came at the very last minute she was excited to help me. She explained everything thoroughly. She was sure not to touch anything while I was testing not even the phone which made me know I didn’t have to worry about a misread test of contamination. Amazing Experience.

The facility was extremely clean and well cared for and the staff was so helpful and kind! I wish I had a reason to go back!

The team in this office is just fantastic. The warm welcome, sunny smiles, and the level of customer service are outstanding. They raise the bar of excellence.


Parking Instructions

Our office is located in Woburn, MA at 400 W Cummings Park, Suite 3500 (3rd floor).  Once you enter the building, follow the hallway to the elevators.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

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