What’s the difference between a legal and non-legal paternity test?

Here at ARCpoint Labs of Woburn we offer affordable and reliable DNA results. The procedure for a paternity test is done by a certified laboratory technician with the proper collection training that will take a single swab of the inside of each tested person’s mouth for a total of 1 minute each. The samples are sent via FedEx to our AABB* Accredited laboratory overnight and results will be received within 3-5 business days. For an additional price these results can be rushed.

We have two different types of Paternity Tests. We do a legal paternity test or a non-legal paternity test. Legal Paternity Tests can be used in a court setting, while a non-legal test is only for personal knowledge. Our lab does not charge an additional fee for the Legal Test. For Legal DNA Tests the collector takes a photocopy of the IDs for all tested individuals. For children under 18 the collector will need to have the legal guardian sign for the child. Also a picture needs to be taken for of all tested individuals.

The results are 99.99% accurate and you will receive a result of either 99.99% meaning the alleged father cannot be excluded as the biological father or 0% which means the alleged father is excluded as the biological father.

The Mother does not need to be tested, but it helps eliminate the DNA that was inherited from the mother, since half your DNA comes from your mother and half from your father.