Drug Testing

Have you found an unusual substance in your child’s possession?

Did your child or loved one go out for drinks one night and can’t remember the night? Did you find a white powder in their room? Are you worried about their safety? If an unfortunate situation has occurred to you or your loved one, testing an unknown substance or solution may help you get answers.

An unknown substance analysis can be performed on a pill, powder, or other substance that is suspected to be a drug. The unknown sample can be in solid or liquid form. Testing these samples through the unknown substance analysis can conclude whether or not a loved one is in danger.

ARCpoint Labs of Woburn offers a service to test unknown substances and liquids for the presence of illegal, prescription, and over-the-counter drugs. To help relieve your fears, bring the substance in for testing today. For more information call (781) 546-4620 or visit https://www.ARCpointLabs.com/Woburn/DrugTesting.