What are the Benefits of Random Drug Testing in the Workplace?

As you review information on how random drug testing is beneficial to the workplace, you’ll learn:

  • How random and continued drug testing keeps workplace productivity high
  • Why random drug testing helps prevent accidents and fatalities within the workplace

What Are the Benefits of Random Drug Testing in the Workplace?

As a boss, one of your biggest and most important responsibilities is to ensure that your employees are supporting your everyday operations according to their contracts and to the best of their respective abilities. That’s precisely why you should keep an eye out for drug use within the workplace beyond the pre-employment drug testing you may perform before hiring on new staff members. Each and every year, alcohol and drug abuse cause companies throughout the United States to lose billions of dollars. Help prevent your business from becoming part of this statistic by implementing random drug testing within your regular practices.

Why Is Random Drug Testing Important?

In order to understand why random drug testing is so important in modern workplaces, it’s important to take a look at a few key statistics:

  • It’s estimated that approximately 70 percent of illegal drug users are currently employed
  • Of the workplace fatalities reported each year, around 40 percent of them are caused by employees under the influence of illegal drugs
  • 40 percent of employee theft may be attributed to illegal drug use
  • Half of the reported workplace incidents involve employees that use illegal drugs

By simply taking these facts into accounts, it becomes clear that having employees who use illegal drugs is a large liability to both your company’s cash flow and reputation. Furthermore, employees who abuse prescription medication or illegal drugs are also more likely to take unexcused absences from work and be less productive. This issue leaves you in the position of paying an employee that isn’t properly performing the duties they were hired to do.

Regularly screening with dot testing helps you detect drug abuse within the workplace so you can handle the situation accordingly. Regular drug testing has been observed to be beneficial to many businesses through a variety of industries in recent years in many different ways, including:

  • Lower employee healthcare costs
  • Higher levels of productivity and morale among employees
  • Lower rates of theft
  • Downtime and absenteeism kept to a minimum
  • Safer workplace overall for all employees

Simply put, drug testing is important because it allows you to reduce your financial liability while building a safe, responsible and productive workplace for all of your employees.

Is Workplace Drug Testing Effective?

Yes, random drug testing in the workplace is among the best ways to detect and prevent drug use within the workplace, thanks to the unexpected nature of the testing itself. In most businesses, employees’ names are placed into a sort of lottery system. Periodically, names will be drawn at random from this pool of employee names, and the selected employees will be subjected to a drug test. Because employees and employers alike have no way of knowing who will be selected for drug testing or when this randomized selection and schedule serves as a strong deterrent for drug use. 

Do Employers Have to Disclose Random Drug Testing?

In general, state laws allow employers to test employees for drugs. However, be aware that state laws vary. You should always double-check your state’s regulations on random drug testing before building your drug testing policy and beginning to undergo tests. Regardless of your state laws, you should always strive to create an open and transparent drug testing policy so that you, your supervisors, and your employees are all on the same page about what’s expected from them regarding the issue of drug use.

Work with an Experienced Team

Random drug testing is a crucial part of keeping your workplace safe, productive, and effective. Ensure you’re getting fast and accurate results with every test by working with ARCpoint Labs of Woburn. With decades of experience, our technicians have plenty of experience with performing drug tests in a wide range of industries and offer you quick results so you can make necessary changes within your workplace as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more or to discuss a testing plan.