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Whether you're the manager of your own local business or the regional site manager for a larger enterprise, you want to oversee a workplace you can be proud of. The success of your team depends on everyone doing their part. That means you need employees that are trustworthy, reliable, and follow through on their commitments. Drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse impact their ability to do that in a very real way.

Substance abuse is ugly, it’s complicated, and it brings out the very worst in otherwise decent human beings. You want a workplace you feel good about working 8 hours a day or more in - not just for you, but the other employees on your team. ARCpoint Labs of Worcester is here to help you know exactly who you're hiring. We offer 10,000 different clinical drug and substance abuse tests for any use case you care to think of - including many solutions for employers. Not only that, but we offer the personalized drug testing solutions and counsel you’d expect from a family clinic, but with the resources and cutting-edge technology of a larger hospital. We strive for excellence and professionalism as well as convenient and accurate results.

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Hair Follicle Drug Testing in Worcester

Employees are often resistant to drug testing, and not without good reason. Random drug testing is often seen as invasive, an overstepping of professional boundaries, and a demonstration of a lack of trust or good faith from their employer. In some cases, random drug testing can even be discriminatory.

Hair follicle testing is a drug testing method that is simple, noninvasive, and pain-free. With a 100-milligram sample of hair (about 90 to 120 strands), you can detect the presence of drugs or other illicit substances in the bloodstream going back 90 days. Its detectable even if potential job candidates abstain for a few days before the test, so its effective for measuring longer-term drug use.

You want people prepared to do their best work. ARCpoint Labs of Worcester will help you make that happen.

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