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Explore our expert insights, latest industry news, and updates from the team at ARCpoint Labs! We’re passionate about keeping you informed on health and wellness topics, and our blog is your go-to resource for valuable advice and tips. With each post, we aim to bring you the knowledge that empowers your decision-making. Dive in and discover what ARCpoint Labs has to offer!

The Benefits of Serum Tears Treatment

For 4.88 million Americans with chronic dry eyes, living with the condition can be uncomfortable and, often, painful. Store-bought eye drops can only do so much when you’re struggling with conditions that can make seeing (and even living a normal life)...

Where Should I Get a DOT Physical?

If you’re a CDL driver, you know that getting a DOT physical is a mandatory part of maintaining your license. When it comes to getting a DOT physical, there are various options. However, the two most popular include a testing facility and an urgent care...

Your Questions About Infidelity DNA Testing Answered

Helping a person answer tough questions is one reason someone may need a DNA test. Fortunately, nowadays, various types of DNA testing options help you learn more about your genetics, family history, and more. But did you know that we can perform a diagnostic if you...

How Pharmacogenetics Benefits Your Health

During most doctor’s visits, a medical assistant or nurse practitioner will ask, “Are you allergic to any medications?” You can only answer based on your experience with certain medicines. However, you can’t speak to those you have never taken, so how can you be sure?...

Clinical COVID-19 Test or At-Home Test?

The number of COVID-19 hospitalizations in Georgia has dropped from more than 5,000 positive patients in January 2022 to about 1,100 in September 2022. While positive COVID-19 cases are on a downward trend, the need for reliable testing remains.There are several...

Why Employers Need a Drug Testing Program

Safety in the workplace is key, whether that means physically safeguarding employees or protecting your bottom line. Drug testing has become a reliable option many employers implement to hire (and retain) qualified and trustworthy employees. In fact, a urine drug test...

How to Know If You Have a Food Allergy or Sensitivity

Are you constantly bloated after meals? Do you have trouble digesting certain foods? Do you get hives or a rash after eating certain foods? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have a food allergy or sensitivity. These conditions can be very...

Employers and Delta-8 THC – What You Need to Know

Employers and Delta-8 THC – What You Need to Know

Can marijuana slip through the cracks of a faulty drug and alcohol program? As an employer, one of your top priorities is ensuring a safe and secure work environment for your employees. With the rise of THC products such as delta-8 and their legalization, you may be...

Top 10 Craziest Gender Reveal Ideas Ever

Top 10 Craziest Gender Reveal Ideas Ever

Exploding balls, cakes, and rockets! Paint splashes, pinatas, and so much pink (or blue) confetti! Gender reveals can be wild and spectacular events, and they have taken the world by storm. If you're searching for the most extraordinary and out-of-the-box gender...

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans in a Drug-Free Workplace

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans in a Drug-Free Workplace

There are approximately 5 million veterans in the general workforce, and often, many of them struggle to acclimate to civilian life. Help them and help your business by considering hiring veterans. Their dedication and honor in active duty is the same devotion and...

3 Reasons Why You Should Get an ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test

3 Reasons Why You Should Get an ALCAT Food Sensitivity Test

Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from Celiac Disease, an autoimmune digestive disorder, caused by a food sensitivity to gluten, a common ingredient in bread and cereal among other foods and products. Could an ALCAT test provide answers? Celiac Disease is just...

STD Testing Without Insurance: Everything You Should Know

STD Testing Without Insurance: Everything You Should Know

Over 60% of people with STDs have no symptoms, and many others have symptoms that they confuse with other conditions. The only reliable way to know if your symptoms are caused by an STD is with STD testing, but where can you go for accurate, reliable, and confidential...

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