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On-Site & Off-Site Drug Testing Services for Businesses in Bellingham

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

A crucial component of ensuring a drug-free workplace is a comprehensive drug testing plan. Whether your Bellingham business is looking to implement new drug use policies to your workforce, partner with a testing lab that offers convenient off-site testing, or strengthen its compliance with local and federal regulations, {Sub:BusinessName} understands the importance of a substance-free environment!

We offer a wide range of planning and testing services that can be used to prevent workplace accidents, boost employee productivity, and ensure complete compliance with Washington’s and federal regulations. But, before planning begins, it’s important to first refresh yourself on some of the ins and outs of drug testing and learn more about what options are available to your Bellingham business.

Types of Drug Tests

At {Sub:BusinessName}, we offer the full spectrum of drug tests, including urine, salvia, nail, hair, and blood. Luckily, regardless of the sample collected, the entire process is done within minutes and the results are available within as little as 24 – 72 hours with the help of our team.

What’s The Most Common Type of Drug Test?

While 7% of employers test for drug use by hair and 10% by saliva, 90% of employees conduct drug testing by urine, making it the most popular choice for drug testing. This is due to the rapid and accurate results urinalysis provides.

5-Panel Urine Test

By far, the 5-panel urine test is the gold standard for drug testing in just about any scenario. It tests for:


  • THC
  • Opiates
  • PCP
  • Cocaine
  • Amphetamines


Note: Even though recreational cannabis is legal, employers in Washington still reserves the right to disqualify an individual for employment or terminate an existing employee. As of early 2022 though, Senate Bill 5517 continues to considered by local lawmakers to modify this for those who lawfully consume cannabis.

Reasons Why Businesses Test for Drugs

When creating a business drug testing plan, you’ll want to consider the different scenarios your business may require testing someone for drug use. Some of the most common include:


If you own a DOT-regulated business, there are a long list of federal rules and regulations that must be followed, one of the largest being regular urine drug testing for pre-employment screenings, post-accident returns, and more.

DOT-compliant organizations who require drug and alcohol testing include:


  • Trucking Industry (FMCSA)
  • Aviation Industry (FAA)
  • Railroad Industry (FRA)
  • Public Transportation (FTA)
  • Pipeline Industry (PHMSA)
  • Maritime Industry (USCG)


Pre-Employment Screenings

The most common time drug testing is implemented in businesses is during the pre-employment screening. Usually accompanied by a background check, drug screening individuals before providing employment can mitigate safety risks, ensure your current employees continue to stay safe, and reduce your company’s liability.

Reasonable Suspicion

If you have an employee who has had major personality and behavior shifts, changes in physical activity and appearance, or declines in performance and productivity, you may suspect they are under the influence of a drug during work hours or may be abusing some type of drug off the clock.

Either way, reasonable suspicion can be enough to require an employee to take a drug test. Multiple accounts from more than one individual are needed, should be confirmed with a higher up, and clearly documented before the employee is approached to ensure all bases are covered.

Random Drug Testing

While cases of random drug testing can sometimes fall under reasonable suspicion, random drug testing can often be included in a plan as a deterrent for employees. Your drug policy will need to state the rate of random selection of employees, proper notification to employees, and accurate testing resources, which can all be taken care of by our Bellingham testing laboratory.

What Are My Business’s Options for Drug Testing in Bellingham?

Another part of your business drug testing plan is how your plan to have employees tested. There are two options {Sub:BusinessName} offers, both of which have pros, not many cons, and help you get the accurate results you need to make your next decision:

Off-Site Testing Services

Off-site drug testing can be done by sending job candidates or employees to a testing laboratory. While this is easy for employers, the biggest drawback is getting people to take the tests. This can cause the entire process to become drawn out if strict timelines aren’t set beforehand.

{Sub:BusinessName} makes off-site testing a bit easier, though. All individuals must do is make an appointment online, show up with the QR code, complete the test with the help of one of our friendly lab collectors, and they’ll be finished in no time – and you’ll have the results in less than three days!

On-Site Drug Testing Services

To ensure the entire testing process is as convenient and easy as can be for the candidate, employee, and the entirety of your business, on-site drug testing services should be considered.

{Sub:BusinessName} arrives with everything needed to collect samples right in your business. On-site testing provides many benefits to your business:

  • Saves You Money – With easy drug testing access, employees won’t have to leave work to complete drug testing, minimizing loss in productivity – they’ll be back to work within 10 minutes tops after their testing time. You’ll benefit from not having to reimburse travel, too.
  • Streamline Hiring – On-site drug testing is scheduled on a regular basis, whether that’s every two weeks or every month. Regardless of how often you may want it, planning for an in-house lab on certain days can help your team hire quicker and do their job more effectively.
  • Prevents Cheating – Just like any other test, drug tests can be cheated. To limit this, on-site drug testing can be done. This reduces the preparation window employees or candidates have, giving you a clearer picture of an individual’s drug use.

And this is just the beginning! On-site drug testing remains a popular drug testing option in Bellingham. If you’re interested in learning more about the mobile drug testing solutions {Sub:BusinessName} offers, don’t hesitate to reach out!

Create Your Business Drug Testing Plan with {Sub:BusinessName}

Give your business extra protection against workplace accidents by turning to {Sub:BusinessName} for drug testing services!

Whether you’re sure or unsure of what your business needs, our team will help you decide with confidence if on-site or off-site testing is best for your business, what different drug testing policies and training will need to be put into place, and everything else needed to ensure your Bellingham business remains a safe and comfortable place to work for all your employees!

Contact us online to get started on your Bellingham drug testing plan today.

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