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Signs & Symptoms Training in Bellingham

Educating your team on identifying suspicious behavior in the workplace is crucial to protect your business, employees, and customers. ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham offers comprehensive training programs designed to help you create and manage successful drug and alcohol testing programs. Our Supervisor Signs & Symptoms Training is tailored to fit your specific needs. We can assist with initiating a new program like a drug-free workplace, help you be compliant under the Department of Transportation (FMCSA §382.603) requirement, or enhance your current practices.

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training for...

Spotting red flags for possible drug and alcohol abuse

Understanding drug and alcohol testing methods and processes

Utilizing customizable templates for proper documentation

Safeguarding employee confidentiality

Following a step-by-step checklist for handling incidents involving drugs or alcohol

2-hour virtual training that aligns with FMCSA §382.603

Take action to ensure a safe and drug-free workplace by providing your supervisors, managers, and HR team members with ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham‘ Supervisor Signs & Symptoms Training.


  • Enhanced Awareness: Our training program equips supervisors with insights on recognizing signs and symptoms that indicate possible drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace, enabling early intervention.
  • Efficient Incident Management: Learn how to take a proactive approach and quickly address suspected drug or alcohol use among employees, minimizing potential safety hazards and larger problems.
  • Comprehensive Training: Our program covers physical and mental signs of drug and alcohol use, including speech, behaviors, and performance indicators. Gain the knowledge you need to protect your company and develop a solid drug and alcohol policy.
  • Confidentiality Protection: Understand best practices for protecting employee confidentiality while managing suspected drug or alcohol incidents.
  • Customizable Resources: Access customizable templates for proper documentation, ensuring accurate record-keeping and compliance with regulations.

Prioritize Workplace Safety with ARCpoint Labs

Contact ARCpoint Labs of Bellingham today to enroll in our Supervisor Signs & Symptoms Training and empower your team to effectively identify and handle incidents related to drug and alcohol use.
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