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Men’s Annual Health Panel – Ultimate


The Ultimate Annual Men’s Health Panel is a comprehensive set of tests that evaluates a variety of factors that affect a man’s health.

Regular checkups and laboratory testing are an important part of staying healthy, even when you are feeling well. If you are looking for a comprehensive overview of your health but you are not sure where to start, the Ultimate Men’s Health Panel may be a good option for you. It consists of a variety of tests that provide useful information about your blood counts, kidney and liver function, electrolytes, cholesterol, hemoglobin A1C, thyroid function, prostate health, and hormone levels. This panel is ideal for men of all ages who want to take control of their health. 


Complete Blood Count (CBC), Complete Metabolic Panel (CMP), CRP, HS, DHEA-Sulfate, Estradiol, Ferritin, FSH & LH, Hepatic Function Panel, Hemoglobin A1C, Iron, TIBC, Lipid Panel, Progesterone, Prolactin, PSA, Renal Panel, Testosterone, Free and Total w/SHBG, Thyroid Panel (TSH, Free T3,Free T4), Complete Urinalysis, Total Vitamin D, 25-OH

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