What Employers Should Know About the Executive Vaccine and Testing Mandates

  Announced on July 9, 2021, President Biden’s Path Out of the Pandemic Plan outlines a detailed strategy for effectively navigating – and combating – the widespread surge of COVID-19 cases stemming from the Delta variant. One of

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Exposed at School – Now What?

My child was exposed to COVID-19 at school. Now what?   How does the testing process work? So you’ve gotten that dreaded call from your child’s school that he or she may have been exposed to COVID-19, and now has to quarantine for 10 days.

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How Employers Can Help Stop Rising Drug Use

As the pandemic continues more adults are using drugs to treat their mental health conditions. According to the CDC, feelings of anxiety have risen during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. To supplement these feelings adults are using marijuana,

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What to Know About The Delta Variant

States are seeing rising COVID-19 cases at a rate not seen since this past winter. The culprit of rising cases is a strain of the original SARS-CoV-2 virus known as the Delta Variant. First identified in India, this mutation is now the most

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Background Screening Your Employees

As hiring trends continue to increase, plenty of companies are looking to expand their staff in 2021. If your company is looking to add to the team, background screening can be an easy way to provide peace of mind and limit liability. What is background

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Signs of an Overactive Thyroid

As millions of Americans deal with issues related to their thyroid, others may be left wondering if their thyroid is healthy. The thyroid gland, located in the neck, produces hormones that help to regulate the body’s natural chemical levels.  The

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6 Tips For A Better Sleep

Sleep's impact on health goes beyond how someone physically feels throughout the day. Getting a good night's sleep can help the body operate at peak performance and reduce fatigue. Quality sleep can also start the day off right by encouraging

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Celiac, IBS, Crohn’s: Know the Difference

Increased awareness of certain diseases has helped millions of Americans understand what’s causing pain and discomfort.  Digestive disorders have seen a rise in cases and attention over the years, mainly from awareness of the diseases and convenient

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Keys to an Effective Drug & Alcohol Policy

Developing an effective drug and alcohol policy should be an integral part of every company’s safety plans and procedures. This policy should provide a framework for how employees and management handle drug and alcohol usage in the workplace.

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Keep COVID Out of the Workplace

With COVID-19 cases falling across the country, employees are slowly returning to the workplace. Even as over 126 million people have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19, there are millions more that will enter the workplace without any sort of natural

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