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Your Guaranteed Rights When You Sign for Acknowledgement of Paternity in Texas

by | Jan 13, 2022 | Uncategorized

Establishing paternity in Texas depends largely on the marital status of the child’s parents. In the event that two married people have a child, Texas law assumes that the father of the child is the mother’s husband, requiring no legal proceedings to officially establish paternity. However, in the event that the parents are unmarried, legal steps must be taken in order for the father to be officially recognized.

Why is Establishing Paternity Important?

Officially establishing paternity is important for a number of reasons, ranging from personal to legal. First and foremost, the father-child relationship is an extremely important, lifelong bond. Legally, paternity is important in order to answer questions of child custody, child support, inheritance, medical rights, visitation, and more. If the unmarried parents separate, legal paternity can help guarantee the father certain rights such as visitation. Without paternity, the father can not count on any legal rights to the child.

What Does Establishing Acknowledgment of Paternity Mean?

Establishing acknowledgment of paternity can be done voluntarily, before, or immediately after the child’s birth. The father and mother can complete an acknowledgment of paternity form at the hospital, and it will then be submitted to the proper government office. The father’s name can be included on the child’s certificate of birth immediately or added afterward once the appropriate paperwork is received by the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Cedar Park. In the state of Texas, this means that the father has legal paternal rights.

What Rights are Guaranteed When You Establish Acknowledgment of Paternity in Texas?

In Texas, the paternal rights guaranteed through AOP include the right to be responsible for child support, the right to be consulted in adoption proceedings regarding the child, and the right for the father’s last name to be used for the child on the birth certificate.

However, an Acknowledgment of Paternity in Texas does not guarantee child custody or visitation rights. These must be pursued through separate court proceedings.

How Can I Establish Paternity in Texas?

For highly professional, legally permissible lab testing to help you pursue paternity in the state of Texas, choose ARCpoint Labs of Cedar Park. Our expert team of technicians is trained to administer highly accurate, discreet testing services to provide you with the legal lab results you need according to Texas paternity laws. The process of establishing acknowledgment of paternity can be stressful, but your lab testing doesn’t have to be – at ARCpoint Labs, the testing process is quick, simple, and hassle-free.

For more information about Texas paternity laws and lab testing for all your legal needs, contact ARCpoint Labs of Cedar Park today.

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