Paternity Testing

Get the Answers You Need with Accurate DNA Testing for Paternity

ARCpoint Labs provides our clients the peace of mind they need with a wide variety of tests and services, including paternity tests. Whether you are seeking DNA testing for personal or legal reasons, our experts are here to help you find the answers. Every child has the right to know who their father is, and every parent deserves the answers about their child’s paternity. We guarantee our tests are always accurate, confidential, and affordable.

There are three paternity testing options:

  • Information Paternity – This test doesn’t require an ID and is not court-admissible. It requires a simple cheek swab and is designed to give clients peace of mind.
  • Legal Paternity – This test requires a valid government-issued ID. We’ll provide clients with legal documentation of the results. If the father is deceased, we can test grandparents, aunts and uncles, or siblings. This test is typically used for:
    • Custody cases
    • Immigration
    • Estate settlements
    • Social Security benefits
    • Court orders
  • Prenatal Paternity – This safe and non-invasive blood test is for mothers who are at least nine weeks pregnant.
*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

How Our Paternity Testing Process Is Done

ARCpoint Labs has made our paternity testing quick and convenient:

First: Give Us a Call

Contact your local ARCpoint Labs to schedule your paternity test – or simply stop by our testing center.

Second: Submit a Sample

One of our professional staff members will quickly and confidentially collect a sample for your test.

Third: Get Your Results

Our results are delivered via email and are safe and secure.

Get the important answers you need in three simple steps. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs today to schedule your paternity test.

How Accurate Is DNA Testing for Paternity?

Modern DNA tests are extremely accurate. In fact, the accuracy of correctly administered and analyzed test is above 99%.

For prenatal DNA tests, the accuracy ranges from 98% to 99.9%, depending on the type of test.

Why Modern DNA Testing Is More Common Than Blood Testing for Paternity

Blood testing for paternity was the primary method up until the advent of PCR DNA testing in the 1980s/1990s. Blood testing is no longer as common because, with PCR testing, a buccal cheek swab can provide a sufficient sample.

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ARCpoint Labs has locations throughout the United States, and each of our locations offers local experts who are part of a national network. We specialize in DNA testing and can help you find answers to questions about ancestry, paternity, and wellness. Our staff members are professionally trained and qualified to help you determine the right test for your needs. All of our collections are sent to an accredited lab, so whether your test is for personal, professional, or legal reasons, you can have total confidence in the results you receive.

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