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Dry Eyes (Serum Tears)

If you suffer from severe dry eyes and are seeking an effective treatment option, consider autologous blood serum eye drops. These all-natural, sterile eye drops provide a viable alternative to over-the-counter and prescription options. 

HSA & FSA Accepted


Persistent Dryness

If you constantly experience dryness, itchiness, or a gritty sensation in your eyes, it may be a sign of chronic dry eye syndrome.

Sensitivity to Light

If your eyes feel more sensitive to light than usual, or you experience excessive tearing while in bright conditions, it could be a symptom of dry eyes.

Discomfort and Irritation

Dry eyes can cause redness, burning, and stinging sensations, making it difficult to perform daily activities comfortably.

Blurred Vision

Dry eyes can temporarily blur your vision, making it challenging to focus on tasks or see clearly.


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Our qualified staff will ensure any oral, urine, hair, or blood samples are collected without contamination, leading to trusted results.

After you receive your lab results you’ll be empowered with the information you need for the next steps in your health journey!


  • Enhanced Safety and Few Side Effects: Compared to over-the-counter and prescription eye drops, autologous blood serum eye drops contain all-natural, sterile ingredients, reducing the risk of adverse reactions and side effects.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: The PALA 8 Kit provides a total of 40 ml to 60 ml of serum eye drops, ensuring you have an ample supply of personalized treatment for your severe dry eye condition.
  • Quick and Convenient Relief: With ARCpoint Labs’ autologous blood serum eye drops, you can experience rapid relief from dry eye symptoms, allowing you to get back to your daily routines without discomfort or irritation.
  • Holistic and Natural Approach: Autologous blood serum eye drops utilize your body’s own healing properties to promote eye hydration, ensuring a more natural and sustainable solution.

HSA & FSA Accepted

Book a test with ARCpoint Labs to explore the benefits of serum eye drops.

Don’t let dry eyes disrupt your daily life. Our reliable and convenient testing services will guide you towards personalized relief for your severe dry eye symptoms. Take control of your eye health today and experience the power of all-natural relief with ARCpoint Labs.

HSA & FSA Accepted

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