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Thyroid Testing

Keep your energy up and prevent potential health issues

The thyroid plays a crucial role in regulating your weight, metabolism, and growth. 

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Symptoms of Thyroid Trouble


Menstrual irregularities

Muscle weakness/aches

Muscle weakness/aches

Thyroid enlargement (goiter)*

Weight loss/gain

Depression, anxiety, nervousness and/or mood swings

Slow or rapid heart rate

High blood pressure

*Not everyone with a thyroid condition will experience all of these symptoms, nor is this an exhaustive list of possible symptoms. If you suspect that you may have a thyroid condition, get tested with ARCpoint Labs and follow up with your healthcare provider


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Our qualified staff will ensure any oral, urine, hair, or blood samples are collected without contamination, leading to trusted results.

After you receive your lab results you’ll be empowered with the information you need for the next steps in your health journey!

Benefits of Thyroid Testing

Thyroid testing is crucial for assessing thyroid gland function, aiding in the diagnosis and management of disorders such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. These tests help monitor treatment effectiveness, prevent complications, and ensure optimal thyroid function during pregnancy. By detecting autoimmune conditions, thyroid testing contributes to early intervention. Additionally, it plays a role in assessing metabolic health and identifying nodules or cancer. Routine testing is vital for overall health evaluations, especially for those with a family history or experiencing symptoms related to thyroid dysfunction.

HSA & FSA Accepted

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A thyroid condition can zap your energy and lead to other health complications. A Comprehensive Thyroid Panel from ARCpoint Labs could give you the answers you need to get back on the road to good health.

HSA & FSA Accepted

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