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What to Expect from Court Admissible Paternity Tests

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Paternity testing determines whether one individual is the biological father of another. This form of testing is available for legal and personal use through ARCpoint Labs of Martinez.

  • Legal paternity tests are admissible in court, and the results constitute legal documentation.
  • Non-legal DNA paternity testing is for personal use. The process is less formal, and results are not admissible in court.

How Are Legal and Non-Legal Paternity Testing Different?

People seek out a DNA paternity test for a variety of reasons. ARCpoint Labs of Martinez offers two kinds of paternity testing, a legal test and a non-legal lab test. Which one you need depends on what you plan to do with the results.

  • A court may order a legal paternity test, or another government agency may require it for official purposes. The parties involved in a legal DNA test must present a valid form of identification issued by the government when giving their samples. The court-admissible results of the legal tests are considered acceptable documentation in a court of law. Legal paternity testing is often used in child custody cases, adoptions, child support, immigration proceedings, inheritance matters, birth certificate questions, and social security benefits.
  • Non-legal paternity testing is for personal use only and doesn’t constitute evidence in a court case. A person may seek out non-legal testing to gain peace of mind about the child’s father. Adults may seek out a paternity test to confirm the biological relationship of their father. You don’t have to present any form of identification for non-legal DNA testing. The DNA collection process involves a cheek swab.

Can You Get a False Negative On a Paternity Test?

At ARCpoint Labs of Martinez, we guarantee you accurate and reliable DNA paternity test results. However, it is possible to get an inaccurate result in less stringent environments when establishing a DNA profile. Usually, incorrect paternity test results are associated with human error or fraud. For example, if someone tampers with the sample, then the results may not be accurate. For this reason, the chain of custody of DNA samples in our DNA diagnostics center is strictly maintained, especially in the collection of DNA for court-admissible paternity testing.

Lab errors are rare in organizations that use high-quality equipment and appropriately trained personnel to perform a DNA paternity test. However, they are not unheard of and maybe the most common reason for false-positive or false-negative results. Another reason for inaccurate results happens when potential fathers are closely related. For example, suppose two brothers are the alleged fathers of a child. Since only one is the father and the other is closely related to the biological father, a false positive may result in the DNA test.

Where Can I Learn More?

The process of paternity testing for legal reasons can be complex. Contact ARCpoint Labs of Martinez, and we’ll be happy to walk you through the DNA test step by step as you have your lab test done from sample collection to results. We’re leaders in paternity testing, and we offer a full range of COVID-19 and other clinical services for individuals and employers. Whether you need legal DNA tests or you want to learn the truth for your peace of mind, the accredited laboratory at ARCpoint Labs of Martinez is the right partner for you.

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