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Why is Random Drug Testing in the Workplace Important?

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Random drug testing in the workplace helps keep your employees safe and productivity levels high.

  • It can be challenging for employers to identify workers who have a drug use problem.
  • Random drug screening can give employers greater peace of mind and a safer, more profitable workplace.

Businesses in the United States lose billions of dollars each year due to employee drug use. Addicted employees often know how to keep their habits a secret very well. A random drug testing program may be the only way for the employer to know if there’s a problem. Here are some things to consider when creating a policy on random drug testing in the workplace.

What Is a Random Drug Screening Program?

A workplace random drug and alcohol testing is a way of testing employees using random selection. All employees have an equal chance of being selected in each round of testing. Random drug screens are unannounced and may involve urinalysis, breath analysis, hair sampling, or saliva testing. Most workplaces use urine drug screens. Random drug screening programs allow employers to perform workplace screening without targeting any one individual.

What Are the Risks of Impaired Workers?

Employers who implement random drug screening see many benefits to their profitability, morale, and reduced work-related accidents.

  • Impaired workers may cause accidents that injure themselves and their coworkers, too. Those injuries result in lost time at work, increased workers’ compensation expenses, and reduced productivity.
  • Workers with drug abuse problems miss more workdays due to illness. The employer must train someone to cover for them when they are out.
  • Employees with drug and alcohol addictions may be more likely to steal from the company.

What Are the Benefits of a Random Drug Screening Program?

To mitigate the risks caused by impaired workers, employers often implement random drug and alcohol testing programs. Here are some of the benefits you may see from conducting random drug tests:

  • Greater confidence that your team members are sober while they’re working
  • Fewer workplace accidents and injuries
  • Improved retention of reliable, high-performing staff members
  • Fewer job applicants with a drug or alcohol program when hiring new employees

How Do I Conduct A Random Drug Screening Program?

Employers must carry out random drug screening programs carefully to avoid claims of discrimination. These tips can help you operate your testing program effectively with fairness to your team members:

  • Make sure that your selection process is truly random. If your workforce is large, a computerized tool might be the best option.
  • Work with a laboratory that can give you results quickly.
  • Laws related to workplace drug testing vary significantly from state to state. In most jurisdictions, employers must notify workers upfront that the company has a random drug screening program.
  • Keep careful records and complete documentation on your random drug test program.

How Can ARCpoint Labs of Martinez Help?

At ARCpoint Labs of Martinez, we know how to help you establish your drug testing policy and run your random screening program effectively. Our services are flexible so that you can set any testing schedule you like. We can also help you determine which drugs you might want to screen to identify the most common problems in your area. Most experts recommend testing several times throughout the year on a random schedule. Contact us today to get started on creating a safer and more productive workplace without the risks posed by drug and alcohol abuse.

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