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Why You Should Get a Weight Loss Blood Test

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

Losing excess weight improves overall well-being and boosts self-confidence. However, many people often need help to achieve their desired weight loss goal; their weight loss program must address the root cause. This is where a weight loss blood test comes into play; it will help you determine the exact factors increasing your weight or negating your weight loss efforts. You can adjust your weight loss program to get fast results.


In this blog, ARCpoint Labs from Martinez explains a weight loss blood test and how it can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Keep reading to learn more.


How a Blood Test Helps With Weight Loss

Blood testing plays many roles in weight loss. One important role is by identifying underlying conditions hindering your weight loss efforts. These include thyroid problems, insulin resistance, or hormonal imbalances. In addition, a weight loss blood test helps:


Determine Your Nutrient Levels

A weight loss blood test is one of the best ways to determine blood nutrient levels. The test can reveal excess minerals that contribute to weight gain. In addition, the test can detect deficiencies in nutrients that promote weight loss. The information about your nutrient levels will help you adjust your food intake.


Determine Your Blood Sugar Levels

A blood test can also detect nutrient deficiencies and helps determine your blood sugar level. In the case of high blood sugar levels, your weight loss coach will recommend diet and medication to lower blood sugar levels because high blood sugar levels increase insulin production. When insulin levels are high, your body naturally stores fat instead of burning it.


Why Hormone Balance is Important

Hormones regulate metabolism, hunger, and satiety. When these hormones are imbalanced, your metabolism slows down, and food cravings may increase. If you do not get the imbalance under control, you may gain weight faster.


When it comes to weight loss, two hormones — insulin and cortisol — dictate how easily you shed excess fat. An increase in insulin leads to weight gain because it slows metabolism and increases feelings of hunger. In addition, increased insulin production accelerates fat storage. Likewise, high cortisol increases food cravings. High cortisol levels can affect sleep quality, leading to fatigue. So, elevated cortisol levels will cause you to eat more and not feel like exercising. You will gain weight quickly.


What Your Lipid Profile Affects

The lipid profile is a test to evaluate the lipid levels in your body. The results of this test can predict many things about your path to weight loss. First, you will have difficulty losing weight if the test shows high triglyceride levels. This is because the body stores excess triglycerides as fat. Regular weight loss measures such as calorie reduction and exercise will only produce quick results if you reduce the number of triglycerides in your diet.


Secondly, if you have low levels of HDL, you’ll again have a hard time shedding excess fat. HDL helps transport cholesterol to the liver, where it is broken down and excreted. When the HDL levels are low, more cholesterol remains in your body as fat.


Start Your Weight Loss Journey with Help from ARCpoint Labs of Martinez, CA

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