What Is Sneak Peek DNA Testing?

For moms and dads who are anxiously awaiting a new baby, one of the biggest questions on their minds is whether the child is a boy or a girl? Besides the excitement and curiosity, there are practical reasons why parents want to know the baby’s gender as early as possible, such as decorating the nursery and stocking up on clothes. Now you can learn whether the baby is a son or a daughter as early as eight weeks into the pregnancy with SneakPeek DNA Testing, available through ARCpoint Labs of Omaha.

What Is SneakPeek DNA Testing?

SneakPeek DNA Testing is a blood test that can tell you the gender of your baby as early as eight weeks into the pregnancy. With SneakPeek, an ARCpoint Labs of Omaha phlebotomist will take your blood DNA sample and submit it for analysis. 

How Does SneakPeek DNA Testing Work?

During pregnancy, the baby connects to the mother’s bloodstream via the placenta. The SneakPeek test looks for fetal DNA that enters the mother’s blood. If the test finds male chromosomes in the DNA, then the baby is a boy, since women usually only have female chromosomes. If the test doesn’t detect any male DNA, then the baby is a girl. SneakPeek is 99.1% accurate as early as eight weeks into the pregnancy.

Who Is Eligible for a SneakPeek DNA Test?

Suppose you are one of the millions of expecting mothers each year who are curious to know the gender of their baby much earlier than possible with ultrasounds. In that case, you’re probably a good candidate for a SneakPeek DNA Test. Here are a few common questions about who can take a SneakPeek DNA Test.

    • When can I take a SneakPeek DNA Test? You should be at least eight weeks into your pregnancy for the test to be accurate. 
    • Can I take a SneakPeek DNA Test if I’m already breastfeeding a child? Yes, you can take a SneakPeek DNA Test even if you are breastfeeding. The test looks for male DNA in the mother’s bloodstream, which is not affected by breastfeeding’s hormonal changes. Nursing does not affect the test’s accuracy or results.
    • Will the test be accurate if I had a boy in a previous pregnancy? The SneakPeek DNA Test will still give you a valid result, even if you had a son in an earlier pregnancy. Fetal DNA disappears from the mother’s blood within three days of delivery. Therefore, the SneakPeek gender reveal blood test will not be affected by having a boy previously.

Sneak Peek Gender Testing at ARCpoint Labs of Omaha

To learn more about the SneakPeek DNA Test, contact us at ARCpoint Labs of Omaha. More than 150,000 satisfied pregnant women have taken advantage of the opportunity to learn whether their baby is a boy or a girl at the earliest possible point with SneakPeek DNA Testing. Your privacy is protected at all times, so your happy news is yours to share only when you are ready.

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