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The Psychological & Social Benefits of Early Fetal Sex Determination

by | Dec 23, 2023 | Uncategorized

The Many Upsides of Knowing Your Child’s Gender Ahead of Time

Determining the gender of an unborn fetus is a momentous event that offers psychological, emotional, and practical benefits. Knowing a baby’s sex early allows parents to plan accordingly before their newborn’s arrival. It can also strengthen a mother’s bond with her child and help both parents mentally process the new addition to their family.

Recent studies have investigated the benefits of early gender reveal testing. These studies found several psychological advantages to early prenatal testing, including:

  • Perceived control
  • Acclimation to pregnancy
  • Increased peace of mind
  • The facilitation of preparatory decisions

Knowing a baby’s gender before birth can calm many mysteries and questions about how to prepare for the newborn. It can also offer the opportunity to research, mentally prepare, and plan for parenting.

Gender Reveals Can Help Manage Stress & Shape Expectations

Until recently, traditional ultrasounds (performed around 18 to 20 weeks into pregnancy) were the first available opportunity to identify a fetal baby’s gender. Several factors influence and often distort this determination process. There’s a high chance the fetus’s sex can remain a mystery if anything obstructs the ultrasound, such as the unborn baby’s position in the womb.

Even in the case of successful ultrasounds, learning the fetus’s sex after 4.5 months into a pregnancy is not always ideal. After all, it only leaves a few months for shopping, decorating, planning, and preparing. Luckily, {Sub:BusinessName} offers a cutting-edge solution: SneakPeek’s® early gender reveal tests. These testing methods analyze blood samples for Y-chromosomes. By doing so, they can detect the sex of an unborn baby boy or girl with 99.9% accuracy as early as 8 weeks into pregnancy.

This newer, non-invasive technology enables gender reveal earlier than ever before in the childbearing process. We offer 3 distinct SneakPeek® gender tests:

  1. The SneakPeek® Lancet Test consists of a tiny lancet used to collect the blood sample.
  2. The SneakPeek® Snap Test involves collecting a fast, easy, and non-intrusive blood sample by pressing the snap lever on an arm device.
  3. The SneakPeek® Snap FastTrack Test entails the same process as the SneakPeek Snap™ test, only with faster results (you can expect to learn the fetus’s sex in less than 3 days).

Each offers unique advantages. Call {Sub:BusinessName} anytime to learn more about each option and to ask questions. We’re here to help you determine which SneakPeek® test is best for you.

Why Early Gender Tests Are Psychologically & Socially Beneficial

As a provider of SneakPeek® early gender testing options, we know how impactful knowing an unborn child’s sex can be. We’ve compiled a list of benefits mothers and fathers receive from early fetal sex identification.

General psychological benefits of SneakPeek® Early Gender DNA Tests include:

  • Removing the element of surprise
  • Satisfying one’s curiosity
  • Offering a sense of increased control and reassurance
  • Solidifying the reality of a pregnancy

Advantages gained from an early gender reveal (in terms of planning and preparing for the future) include:

  • The opportunity to shop for baby clothes
  • The ability to choose a gender-specific name for the baby
  • An increased connection with the baby
  • The ability to share the news with friends and family, who can offer support and gifts
  • Informing older sibling(s) of the gender to boost excitement

Knowing a baby’s gender can also help partners/parents connect. It can spark conversations about the future, produce moments of joyful anticipation, and offer a reason to throw a celebratory gender reveal party. In the current digital landscape, an early gender reveal can also provide an opportunity to announce the occasion with loved ones via social media platforms, blogs, emails, and other online avenues. These announcements can help parents feel supported by a wider community.

Accurate Baby Gender Results You Can Count On

During pregnancy, fetal DNA moves from the placenta into the mom’s bloodstream. Therefore, we can determine a fetal child’s sex with 99.9% accuracy by testing for male chromosomes in the mother’s blood sample. {Sub:BusinessName} understands how important privacy, confidentiality, speed, and accuracy are as well. That’s why we go above and beyond to make the SneakPeek® early gender reveal process as quick and painless as humanly possible.

Our top priority is to help parents learn about the gender of their unborn baby without any hurdles or complications. We are your go-to solution for fast and affordable early gender reveal services you can trust. Our friendly team is waiting to assist you with this momentous discovery today!

Have a question? Call {F:P:Sub:Phone} to learn more about our gender reveal testing services!

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