ARCpoint Labs of Woburn Offering Convenient, Affordable Treatment for Chronic Dry Eye

BOSTON [December 7, 2021] — An estimated 1.5 million people in the U.S. suffer from dry eye disorders that are not resolved by over-the-counter treatments or prescription eye drops. When left untreated, these disorders can weaken vision and lead to eye infections. ARCpoint Labs of Woburn is offering an improved procedure that’s not only more effective but also more convenient and affordable for patients.

Autologous Serum Eye Drops (ASED), or “serum tears”, are made with the patient’s own blood serum, which contains nutrients and other components that promote healing of the superficial layer of the cornea. Serum has been proven to help with nerve regeneration in people who struggle with eye pain and bring much-needed relief for patients who don’t respond to other remedies*. In the past, high processing costs and concerns about potential contamination prevented patients from having access to the serum eye drops. Now there’s a faster and more affordable way to get them to chronic dry eye sufferers.

ARCpoint Labs utilizes the PALA Kit by AseptiKits to produce the serum tears. The cutting-edge device essentially takes a complex compounding lab and shrinks it down into a closed-system, sterile kit with medical-grade filtration that’s about the size of an iPad. “The PALA Kit is an amazing innovation. There’s nothing else quite like it on the market right now,” says ARCpoint Labs of Woburn president Matt Pappas.

The kits are totally self-contained, which drastically reduces the risk of contamination and improves the overall quality of the eye drops. Plus, patients no longer have to wait several days to receive their serum tears from distant labs or compounding pharmacies. “Our trained phlebotomists can draw the blood, process the serum, and produce the eye drops right here in our office,” says Pappas. “The whole process only takes about three hours and cuts the out-of-pocket cost for patients nearly in half. So we’re providing much-needed relief while also saving them time and money. It’s a win-win situation.”

Serum Eye Drops are only available with a prescription from your eye doctor. The drops come in 40mL and 60mL doses. Appointments are available online:

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AseptiKits makesaffordable processing kits for Autologous Blood Serum Eye Drops, which provide a superior choice for severe dry eye treatment compared to over-the-counter and prescription eye drops. The PALA™ 12 Kit, by AseptiKits, allows clinicians to process blood serum in a closed-system, sterile environment that can be used in a doctor’s office or virtually anywhere.

MEDIA CONTACT: Amanda Harley [email protected]
*Source: American Academy of Ophthalmology