Why Employers Need a Drug Testing Program

Safety in the workplace is key, whether that means physically safeguarding employees or protecting your bottom line. Drug testing has become a reliable option many employers implement to hire (and retain) qualified and trustworthy employees. In fact, a urine drug test or urinalysis is the most common pre-employment drug test employers utilize.

As a successful business owner in Gwinnett County, you and your executive team are probably amid a hiring blitz or gearing up to fill various roles at your company. Because you are nearing the end of the fiscal year, it’s more pertinent than ever that you make thoughtful and data-driven decisions about the future of your workforce.

And that’s where ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast comes in.

Our employer drug testing solutions are designed to help grow your personnel using accurate and advanced methods. This safeguard has been more crucial with an increase in substance use and abuse since COVID-19 became an international crisis in March 2020. A vast majority of employers have seen an uptick in staff with mental health issues and suicidal ideations, using legal and illegal substances to cope with daily stressors.

Whether you manage a Gwinnett County logistics company, call center, warehouse, clinic, etc., a robust drug testing program will manifest positive changes and ensure you have a team that will take your business to the next level of success. Here is how.

Decrease Excessive Absences

Reliability is essential when assembling a team to help your company thrive. Suppose you do not have enough staff members to complete important job responsibilities because of consistent absences due to drug impairment. In that case, you put increased stress on other employees to pick up the slack.

In 2011, 9% of organizations with an absenteeism rate of 15% or more saw a significant decrease in employee absences after implementing a drug testing program. Why? A strict drug testing policy will hold employees accountable for their actions and address the onset of a drug issue before it becomes widespread.

Improve Productivity

Productive employees are typically alert, of sound mind, and able to make rational decisions in the best interest of themselves and others. On-the-job drug use can lead to tardiness, distractedness, poor decision-making, and more. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, 50% of workplace accidents are caused by drug abuse. An employer drug testing program can eliminate productivity risk factors that aid in workplace accidents and serious injury.

Reduce Company Liability

Accidents are bound to happen when working with other people in a facility or office. However, consistent issues in the workplace can point to a larger problem regarding drug use or abuse. Your business could be liable if a work-related injury results from illicit drug use. In 2020, workplace injuries amounted to $163.9 billion. Imagine an impaired employee injuring themselves or someone else. The cost could be astronomical and cause a temporary or permanent shutdown of operations. Implementing an employer drug testing policy can provide peace of mind, safeguard company liability, and save employers 7.5% off their worker’s compensation insurance premiums.

Protect Other Employees

Most illicit drug users are difficult to spot at a glance, as many are very high functioning and able to perform some job responsibilities, albeit impaired to an extent. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance reports that over 70% of current illegal drug users are employed and cause up to 40% of industrial fatalities. This alarming statistic shows how many drug users could be performing extremely hazardous work and putting other employees at serious risk.

A drug testing program at your Gwinnett area business protects other employees from drug-related situations and injuries. Everyone deserves to feel safe at work, and a concrete drug testing policy can ensure that.

Preserve or Enhance the Company’s Image

When there is a pervasive drug-related issue at your company, it has a significant influence on how current and future employees view the company as a whole. It can:

  • Destroy trust among colleagues
  • Increase feelings of vulnerability
  • Negatively impact public perception
  • Lower overall morale

All of this culminates in a lack of trust in the company and can affect hiring efforts, making it challenging to find worthwhile and qualified individuals and even stakeholders to help further grow the business.

Any company in and around the Gwinnett area that invests in an employer drug testing program is conveying expectations to current staff and potential hires. This shows strength, confidence, and willingness to do what it takes to foster safe workplace practices.

Implement a Random Drug Testing Policy with Our Help

Not only does a drug testing policy help nurture and attract dependable employees, but implementing a solid drug testing policy and program promotes health and safety. Our team at ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast can help you design an employer drug and alcohol testing program and perform urine testing. A solid alcohol and drug testing policy is the best defense against potential theft, untrustworthy employees, workplace accidents, and more.

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