Drug & Alcohol Testing

Prevent Substance Use in Your Workplace

A safe and secure workplace begins with a safe and secure staff. One common problem that can arise in a workplace is the presence or use of drugs and alcohol. That’s why it is crucial that business owners and managers screen their employees for drug and alcohol usage. That’s where ARCpoint Labs can help. We offer drug and alcohol testing for businesses of all sizes and can help you avoid difficult situations in the future.

All employees deserve a workplace that is safe. Safety is key to both employee satisfaction and your bottom line. Having the right drug and alcohol testing procedures will not only lead to a more comfortable environment free of safety risks but can also lead to a more productive workplace, too.

Developing Your Drug & Alcohol Policy

ARCpoint Labs will review your current drug and alcohol policy to ensure it is up to state and federal regulations. If you don’t yet have a policy in place, our team can help you develop a customized policy that encompasses the unique needs of your business. Federal and state governments release new and updated drug testing regulations every year, so it can be difficult to keep up. Some of these updates may affect you, but many of them may not. Regardless, it is the employer’s responsibility to know which ones apply to them. Our experts can navigate all the complex details so that you don’t have to.

Random Testing Program Management

To ensure a safe and secure workplace, ongoing and randomized testing is the best way to complement your pre-employment testing. ARCpoint Labs can help you create a random testing program that is right for your business. We’ll also determine the appropriate frequency and which substances to test for. For the tools that will keep new and current employees safe, turn to our expert team.

ARCpoint Labs also offers corporate training services for supervisors and managers to help them not only better implement policies, but understand how to approach employees, which substances to look for, and more. Having a policy won’t do your business any favors if it’s not appropriately implemented, so allow our team to train your team so they are fully prepared.

*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

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