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Prevent Substance Use in Your Workplace with Employee Drug Tests

A safe and secure workplace begins with a safe and secure staff. One common problem that can arise in a workplace is the presence or use of drugs and alcohol. That’s why it is crucial that business owners and managers screen their employees for drug and alcohol usage. That’s where ARCpoint Labs can help. We offer drug and alcohol testing for businesses of all sizes and can help you avoid difficult situations in the future.

Why choose ARCpoint Labs:

• Providing Drug Testing Solutions Since 1998
• Affiliation with Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA)
• Affiliation with Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPAA)
• Exclusively Partnering with CLIA-certified Laboratories
DOT Credentialed Examiners

All employees deserve a workplace that is safe. Safety is key to both employee satisfaction and your bottom line. Having the right drug and alcohol testing procedures will not only lead to a more comfortable environment free of safety risks, but can also lead to a more productive workplace, too. ARCpoint Labs focuses on providing accurate, reliable, and confidential testing solutions, while also making it easier for businesses and business owners to manage drug and alcohol testing programs without the need for multiple tools or companies.

Drug & Alcohol Random Testing Program Management

ARCpoint Labs provides a comprehensive range of drug and alcohol testing services designed to help employers maintain workplace safety. Our services include random testing program management, post-accident testing, pre-employment screening and more. To ensure a safe and secure workplace, ongoing and randomized testing is the best way to complement your pre-employment testing. ARCpoint Labs can help you create a random testing program that is right for your business. We’ll also help determine the appropriate frequency and which substances and panels should be used to meet your company’s policy.

One-Stop-Shop Solution: Total Reporting powered by ARCpoint

ARCpoint’s Total Reporting platform is a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to streamline the management of drug and alcohol testing, background checks, compliance tracking and more. With Total Reporting, you can easily schedule tests for employees, manage results, and track compliance requirements all in one place. In addition to drug and alcohol tests, Total Reporting offers a range of solutions for businesses looking to streamline their reporting, background screening, and compliance processes. We are a team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to helping businesses optimize their program execution and reporting processes, in addition to being a partner that is there to support businesses and their HR teams.

Want to learn more? Reach out to your local ARCpoint Labs and ask about the Total Reporting platform available.

Developing Your Drug & Alcohol Policy

ARCpoint Labs drug and alcohol policy development and review services provide businesses with the expertise they need to remain compliant with government regulations. Our team of experts stay up to date on the latest changes in state laws, ensuring that your policy is current and effective. We understand that drug and alcohol policies can be different based on industry, location, size of company, and more. That’s why we offer a range of options for employers to choose from, and we help customize solutions, so the policy they have truly meets their needs.

We take the time to understand each business’ unique needs and goals when it comes to drug and alcohol testing policies. Our comprehensive review will assess existing policies, and help design additional or updated policies as needed. We ensure that our clients’ policies are compliant with all federal and state laws concerning drug testing. ARCpoint Labs also provides additional guidance for organizations looking for assistance in executing policies. We provide drug and alcohol testing, random testing program management, and even employee education and training programs related to drug and alcohol testing policies.

Frequently Asked Questions :

What If an Employee Receives a Non-Negative Drug Test?

A non-negative drug test is a test where metabolites related to a given drug are present. If the test does not indicate whether they exceed acceptable limits, further laboratory analysis will be needed before a drug test can be a confirmed positive or negative result. Sometimes, the possibility of a false positives from things like adulteration or prescription drug use need to be ruled out. In such cases, donor follow up may be needed. This may involve interviewing the sample donor to review their medical information in case prescription medication or other causes may be producing a false positive.

What Does a Presumptive Positive Drug Test Mean?

Most initial on-site drug screens can indicate the presence of illicit substances, but many don't reveal the level of concentration or the types of substances present. If an initial drug screen picks up signs of drug use, it is usually considered "presumptive positive" until it undergoes further analysis with a confirmatory test in a lab. The second test can determine the types of substances present and whether the amount present exceeds allowable limits.

*Services vary by location. Contact your local ARCpoint Labs for additional information.

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