Reliable, Accurate DNA Testing in Gwinnett County

Accurate and Quick Paternity Testing

Paternity disputes are painful, and often tricky to navigate. In the state of Georgia, both the mother and father have equal custody rights as parents. However, if the parents are unmarried, or were unmarried at the time of conception, only the biological mother has custody rights. That means that if you were unmarried at the time your child was born, you may need to take a paternity test to determine who the father is.

When the identity of your child’s father is uncertain, it can create chaos, confusion, and disruption in the lives of your family and loved ones. A paternity test will bring you the clarity and certainty you need to decide the next life steps to take. ARCpoint Labs of Northeast Atlanta offers quick and accurate DNA tests that are admissible in court, all done within minutes with just a quick swab of your cheek.

In addition, we offer non-invasive pre-natal paternity testing with a blood draw from the mother and cheek swab from the alleged father.

Discover Your Family History with an Ancestry Test

The people who came before us determine who we are as people today. An ancestry test can help you learn fascinating things about your family history and identity, often in life-changing or revelatory ways. ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast provides Ancestry DNA tests that will trace your family background through generations.

You’ll find out who your ancestors were, what geographical regions they came from, and what ethnic backgrounds you’re most closely related to. The answers you find can give you closure, relief, and self-knowledge. Connect to your past and your history, and begin the journey of finding your family history today.

Suspect Your Spouse of Cheating? Get an Infidelity Test Today

If you have reason to believe that your spouse or partner is being unfaithful to you, the sooner you get answers the better. Although you may not like the truth of what you find, it’ll be better than living with the anxiety of not knowing. An infidelity test from ARCpoint Labs of Atlanta Northeast can match genetic material from your partners’ possessions to your own DNA makeup. We can then document the results for you, if you decide to file for custody or divorce.

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