Do You Have Food Allergies?

Food allergies impact people of all ages and backgrounds. These allergies may change over time and experiences can range from slight discomfort to anaphylaxis. According to the Center for Disease Control, cases of food allergies are on the rise — especially

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Prenatal Testing: Is It Safe?

If you’re pregnant and uncertain of who the father of your growing baby is, you are not alone. This uncertainty can lead to issues when establishing your new family dynamic, legal and social benefits such as custody and child support, and understanding

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Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

This past year, health was at the top of everyone’s minds, but living a healthy lifestyle is more than just eating right. Encourage your employees to get active and find resources to develop healthy habits by introducing a workplace wellness

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Differences in COVID-19 Vaccines

Since COVID-19 was first reported in December 2019, scientists have been hard at work developing an effective vaccine. While there are still many vaccines currently undergoing trial testing, three vaccines are currently approved in the United

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Employee Drug Testing by State

Developing an effective drug testing policy can be difficult with more states legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana use. Currently, a total of 36 states and the District of Columbia allow medicinal marijuana, and 16 of those states allow full

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Early Gender Tests with Sneak Peek

While millions of babies are born each year in the United States, some areas are seeing a baby boom amidst the pandemic. Along with these happy new beginnings there comes inevitable anxiety, including finding out the baby’s gender. Knowing

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Stop Your Employees From Burnout

After a year of isolation, working from home, and stressful headlines employees are experiencing burnout at unprecedented levels. Identifying burnout and stopping it from spreading can help improve productivity at your company. Additionally,

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How to Enforce a Drug Testing Policy on Remote Workers

Even as millions of workers get vaccinated for COVID-19, companies are continuing to have their employees work remotely. This trend is continuing even for new roles at companies, with a recent study from Upwork finding nearly 22% of the workforce will

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Keep Track of Your Diet

It’s just as important as ever to focus on what you feed your body and keep track of your diet. Food journals are a great way to be more aware of what you eat and how those meals make you feel. Additionally, food journals offer insight into personal

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Strategies to Return to Work Safely

As life slowly starts to return to normal with more vaccinations underway, you may be wondering how to safely return to the workplace. While the number of vaccinated people currently outweighs the number of active cases of COVID-19, there’s still a

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