Everything You Need to Know About DOT Physicals

Driving a commercial motor vehicle (CMV) is physically and mentally strenuous, and the long hours, stressful treks, and heavy loads can take quite a toll on even the healthiest among us. Because of the demanding nature of the job, the tenacious individuals

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Food Sensitivities: The Difference Between ‘Allergy’ and ‘Intolerance’

Did you know that roughly 15-20% of the population suffers from at least one food intolerance? Or that 10% of adults in the United States suffer from food allergies? As these percentages continue to tick up year after year, it's becoming increasingly

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Should I Get Tested for STDs?

Sharing is caring, but not when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Getting tested for these infections is just as critical for practicing safe sex as gaining consent and using protection, so seeing your doctor or other medical professional

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How to Handle CBD in the Workplace

The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the federal list of controlled substances, effectively legalizing hemp-derived CBD products in all 50 states. Since then, CBD is EVERYWHERE and it’s being met with mixed feelings. On the one hand, people seem

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The Skinny on Workplace Health & Wellness Programs

Workplace health and wellness initiatives promote a healthy lifestyle for employees and can be as basic as smoking cessation programs and wellness education seminars, or as sophisticated as on-site gyms, wearable fitness trackers, company-wide competitions,

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What to Do When Drug Use Enters The Workplace?

Employee absenteeism, work-related injuries and lost productivity represent some of the effects of employee drug use in the workplace. Employers in the United States lose up to an estimated $53.4 billion in productivity due to prescription drug misuse

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Should I Perform Background Checks on Contractors & Freelancers?

As the traditional workforce continues to shift and make way for a thriving gig economy (a free market system in which temporary positions are common and organizations contract with independent workers for short-term engagements), you may find yourself

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5 Keys to a Successful Drug Screening Program

There are a ton of different ways your company's drug and alcohol program could go wrong: you could be enforcing regulations that aren't appropriate for your industry, choosing the wrong test, carrying on with an outdated program, or ignoring—or selectively

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How Employees Try To Cheat Drug Tests And What You Can Do To Stop Them

You may be surprised to learn that over 70 percent of drug users are employed—meaning that it's very possible that you have one or more working for you right now. Drug use can impact your company in a number of different ways, including in customer

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Intro to the DOT’s Drug & Alcohol Testing Regulations

You know drug testing is critical for ensuring the safety of your workplace, but knowing all the steps for staying compliant within stringent regulations can be overwhelming—especially when you take into account ever-changing laws around marijuana,

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