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Test results are important to you, and they are vital to a safe, healthy work environment. Either way, you need to be confident in the result. Because crucial life and business decisions depend on the outcome of a test, we at ARCpoint Labs of Scottsdale take our mission seriously. You don’t want to wait an agonizingly long time for an answer, so we pride ourselves in offering industry-leading turnaround times. Plus, we go the distance to ensure that your health data is confidential.

Whether you’re an employer needing to determine a worker’s sobriety, a physician requiring a diagnostic test or an attorney seeking court-admissible evidence, ARCpoint Labs is there for you.

We also empower individuals with crucial health knowledge by offering convenient testing solutions for paternity, STD and wellness. Ready to take charge of your health? Turn to ARCpoint.

Why Scottsdale-North Employers Partner with ARCPoint

Our goal is to make every business in Scottsdale-North a healthy place to work. That’s why we offer local employers a suite of services to ensure the wellbeing of their workers. These include:

  • DOT compliance
  • Background checks
  • Random drug & alcohol testing
  • Pre-employment drug & alcohol testing
  • Policy development

We’ll even help you create a comprehensive workplace wellness policy that will encourage diet, exercise and jobsite safety.

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Take Your Health Into Your Own Hands