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If you’re planning to set up a drug-testing program, it’s important to have clear and comprehensive policies that will meet your organization’s needs. A drug test policy outlines the legal steps taken by the employer to provide a drug-free environment. It should address pressing questions such as, “What drugs do employers test for?” and describe aspects like the testing frequency, mode of testing, and outline the disciplinary procedures.

Drug Abuse in the Workplace

Every employer must provide a safe working environment. And one of the ways they can do this is by eliminating drug use from the workplace. The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) says that about 70% of people struggling with drug abuse are in employment, with alcohol, cocaine, and marijuana being the most abused substances. Alcohol and drug abuse is an expensive problem for businesses, causing decreased productivity and increasing the chances of workplace injuries and fatalities. 

What is Workplace Drug Testing, and How is it Implemented?

Workplace drug testing is an action by an employer to determine if prospective job applicants or current employees are using drugs. It is common in workplaces where drugs impairment can lead to serious work-related injuries and additional costs in liability claims. The main reasons why employers opt for drug testing include:

  • To avoid hiring candidates who abuse illegal substances
  • To provide a safe work environment for all employees
  • Complying with state regulations and federal drug enforcement
  • Detecting drug dependence in the early stages and supporting employees in recovery

Safety-sensitive jobs like crane operations are strictly controlled by public bodies like the Department of Transportation. Standardized drug testing procedures are meant to ensure that an individual is fit to work where impaired performance affects the health and safety of customers, employees, property, or even the public. 

Many private employers decide to follow these guidelines to protect against litigation, even when their work environment does not compel them. The most common method of workplace drug testing involves urinalysis.

Drug-Free Workplace Policy

Anyone can write an effective drug test policy as long as they follow the state and federal regulations. You can also refer to the standardized procedures set by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). 

Components of an Effective Workplace Drug testing Policy

If you’re asking yourself what drugs do employers test for? The following steps are necessary if you want to develop a comprehensive policy:

  1. Research on the state and federal laws in Texas, answering questions like “what do employers look for in drug tests?” or whether it’s legal to do a pre-employment drug test.
  2. Define your goals. For example, are you targeting increased productivity, enhanced safety, or reduced litigation claims?
  3. Identify the testing method, frequency, and location where you will conduct the tests.
  4. Describe the consequences of failing the test, addressing disciplinary action and rehabilitation options.

Workplace Drug Testing Methods

There are many drug screening methods available to employers in Sugar Land, TX, and these are the most common:

Random selection

It involves the unannounced, arbitrary selection of current employees for drug tests. Company management reserves the discretion on whom to select, though some states require that employees are notified in advance. It helps to deter policy violations by employees. 

Pre-employment testing

The pre-employment drug test procedure is conducted before hiring an individual. Many companies prefer this method because they usually find it easy to ‘break ties’ with a potential candidate than with an already existing employee. 

Post-accident testing

This testing follows investigations after an accident or incident to determine whether intoxication could have contributed.

Periodic testing

Periodic tests have scheduled timeframes, and everyone at the organization knows when they will happen.

Reasonable suspicion

Testing because of reasonable suspicion has many legal gray areas, and the manager or supervisor has to show ‘probable cause’ for the tests. 

Return to duty

A return-to-duty test is a one-time test administered who has completed treatment after a previous positive result.

Employee Drug and Alcohol Testing in Sugar Land, TX

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