Drug Testing Myths and Facts

There are many myths and misunderstandings about drug testing. Some people believe that drug tests can’t detect certain drug types, while others think that drug tests are not accurate and can be easily fooled.

The truth is, drug tests are very accurate and can detect even the slightest traces of drugs in a person’s system. ARCpoint Labs of Woburn, MA, is here to dispel some of the most common drug testing myths and provide facts to help you get prepared for a drug test.

Myth 1: Drinking Water Can Help Trick a Drug Test

People have a huge misconception that drinking large amounts of water before a drug test can dilute their urine, tricking the test into thinking you have not recently consumed any illicit drugs. Most people do this to flush out traces of drugs in their system.

While this can make it harder to detect any drug residue, drug test professionals will know you have just consumed a high amount of water to trick the system. “How?” you might ask. Well, drug tests use specific markers to determine the authenticity of a drug test sample. Your drug test will produce a negative dilution result, and the employer might ask you to submit another urine sample. After a negative dilution result, an employer might consider a hard-to-cheat drug test like a hair follicle drug test.

Myth 2: You Can Beat a Drug Test With Synthetic Urine

Some people try to use synthetic urine to beat the system during random and pre-employment drug screenings. Since synthetic urine is designed to feel and smell like human urine, nervous parties buy the fake stuff and swap it with their own urine.

However, much like drug testing facilities, ARC Labs of Woburn, MA, will test the urine sample by checking its temperature and pH level to determine whether it is accurate or not. If your blood and urine show different pH levels, the drug testing professional will know you tried to trick them with a fake urine specimen.

Myth 3: Using Someone Else’s Urine for a Drug Test Can Help You Pass

Numerous times we have watched people in movies use another person’s urine to get away with drug use. This is another myth that many people believe happens in real life. Drug test professionals like those at ARCpoint Labs at Woburn, MA, are trained to check the temperature of the urine sample, which can indicate if it is fresh or not.

Temperature for urine drug tests should fall between 90-100°. Most people who try to swap their urine sample with another person usually attain a 98.6° temperature but quickly fall to below 90° within the two to three minutes they take to come out of the bathroom. This is an easy, tell-tale sign of drug screen tampering for drug test administrators, so there is no way you will beat the system this way!

Myth 4: Hair Follicle Drug Testing Is Not an Accurate Drug Test

Hair follicle drug testing is the most accurate and comprehensive drug screening program available, unlike urine or saliva tests, which can only show drug use over the past few days.

A hair follicle test can show a person’s drug use going back as much as 90 days. This drug testing method involves analyzing a hair sample of about 90-120 hair strands, 1.5-inches long, and collected directly from the subject’s head.

When paired with a urine drug test, hair-follicle tests provide a comprehensive and accurate drug test result, making it an ideal option for Woburn, MA employers with zero tolerance on drugs in the workplace.

Myth 5: You Can Fail a Drug Test after Eating Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds from opium poppy cannot trigger a positive drug test result for opiates. Poppy seeds cannot metabolize into morphine or other drugs, no matter how many poppy seeds you eat. Aside from that, poppy seeds have no pharmacological effect on the body, and consuming large amounts won’t make you high.

Myth 6: Certain Medications Can Cause a Positive Drug Test

A drug-testing program will flag prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines containing particular ingredients. To prevent any misunderstandings, you will need to disclose any over-the-counter medication you are taking and provide a prescription from your doctor indicating you are supposed to take that particular medication. If your medications interfere with your drug test results, the test will read a false positive, meaning you are appropriately using drugs.

Drug Testing in Woburn, MA

While drug tests are an excellent way to maintain a drug-free environment and prevent workplace accidents, setting up and running drug and alcohol test programs can be complicated. It’s hard for businesses to know which testing method to trust and use.

At ARCpoint Labs of Woburn, MA, we offer comprehensive drug and alcohol testing services to employers to ensure their employees stay clean and reliable on the job. Our credible drug screening administrators are experienced and highly skilled in providing accurate drug detection results.

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Image Source:  Lothar Drechsel /  Shutterstock