Find Out Your Baby’s Gender with SneakPeek

While millions of babies are born each year in the United States, some areas are seeing a baby boom amidst the pandemic. Along with these happy new beginnings there comes inevitable anxiety, including finding out the baby’s gender. Knowing

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Stop Your Employees From Burnout

After a year of isolation, working from home, and stressful headlines employees are experiencing burnout at unprecedented levels. Identifying burnout and stopping it from spreading can help improve productivity at your company. Additionally,

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Drug Testing Your Remote Employees

Even as millions of workers get vaccinated for COVID-19, so companies are continuing to have their employees work remotely. This trend is continuing even for new roles at companies, with a recent study from Upwork finding nearly 22% of the workforce will

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Keep Track of Your Diet

It’s just as important as ever to focus on what you feed your body and keep track of your diet. Food journals are a great way to be more aware of what you eat and how those meals make you feel. Additionally, food journals offer insight into personal

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Safely Return to the Workplace

As life slowly starts to return to normal with more vaccinations underway, you may be wondering how to safely return to the workplace. While the number of vaccinated people currently outweighs the number of active cases of COVID-19, there’s still a

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Know Your Body, Better

From #SelfCareSunday to #TreatYoSelf, there’s a growing movement online focused on taking care of yourself physically and mentally. Before investing in a bunch of new products and testing new techniques, get a better understanding of your body’s chemistry

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How Often Should I Get Tested for STDs?

Taking care of your sexual health should be a priority if you’re sexually active. One way to better understand your sexual health is with regular STD/STI testing. Getting an initial test is great, but getting tested on a regular schedule can help identify

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Employers Guide to State-Specific Medical Marijuana Authorizations

Written by Nick Hartman with Drug Screening Compliance Institute and published here as our guest writer.     You receive a positive drug test result for marijuana - your employee or applicant says they have a medical marijuana

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Reflecting on the Past Year

As the nation crosses the one-year mark since COVID-19 drastically changed our habits and lives overall, we want to reflect on how our efforts impacted our community. While cases began to rise in March in various states, our locations responded swiftly

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The Future of the DOT Clearinghouse

Launched in January of 2020, the Clearinghouse is a federal database that records failed  drug/alcohol tests of commercial drivers. This database is used by employers, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), State Driver Licensing Agencies,

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