Digital Strategist

Title of Position:  Digital Strategist

Reports to:  Marketing Director

Essential Function:  The Digital Strategist’s primary responsibilities include day-to-day coordination and execution of all digital projects for ARCpoint Labs and Franchises. This includes creating and developing digital strategies and leading a team to create and execute a digital marketing plan from concept, to execution, and reporting. This includes helping our franchisees onboard select software and marketing technology, performing and coordinating research projects/new initiatives and planning other integrated communications campaigns.

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In this role, you will be responsible for the day-to-day coordination of various digital projects for ARCpoint Labs, as well as some of our own digital marketing and social media projects. This generally includes helping maintain our website, adjusting as needed to adapt to new products/services and overall customer journey. Developing digital marketing plans for new products/services, assisting in selection of software and marketing technology, performing and coordinating research projects and planning other integrated communications campaigns.

For this position, we need a versatile, tech-savvy professional with an understanding of how digital marketing technology can help us and our franchisees in achieving their campaign goals. We want someone with a real passion for technology, innovation, and digital marketing.

You should be methodical, have excellent time management and organizational skills. As a Digital Strategist, your love for collaboration and communication will help us ensure consistent and successful deliverables for our internal and external initiatives. Ultimately, you should be able to manage and deliver our projects efficiently, with precise quality and a keen focus on team member collaboration. A successful Digital Strategist will have a technical background, as well as strong interpersonal, organizational and communication skills.

  • Provide start-to-end project creation, management, and coordination for website, design, SEO, SEM, & communications projects
  • Assist management with scoping project requirements and estimates, then prepare internal team members for successful execution
  • Develop or improve a detailed project plan and monitor progress, keeping vendor/partners and internal teams up to speed on key milestones
  • Act as primary liaison with digital marketing vendors
  • Deliver projects on time ensuring quality standards are met
  • Develop support documentation including requirement specifications
  • Service multiple projects and teams concurrently, often delivering before deadlines while providing high level of service
  • Coordinate and facilitate new and ongoing internal and external team meetings, in particular on the onset of a new project to properly scope and staff the project
  • May be required to assist in other projects and activities as needed


Internal Client Team Participation:

  • Collaborate with internal teams to design, develop and implement digital projects
  • Maintain, manage, and delegate resources effectively
  • Help both the franchisees and the corporate team meet their financial and long-term business goals
  • Ensure that the project meets the quality standards expected by the franchisees and the corporate team


  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Knowledge of marketing technology
  • Understanding of SEO, SEM, Social Media and Google Analytics
  • Experience working in a fast-paced entrepreneurial environment
  • Adaptable; able to quickly learn new technologies and processes
  • Creative problem solver with ability to understand and resolve prospective client challenges/objections
  • Excellent organization and time management skills
  • Prior experience with Adobe Creative Cloud preferred
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Communication and team management skills
  • A passion for technology, innovation, and digital marketing that keeps you plugged in and always tinkering with the latest and greatest

What you can expect from us:

  • High-stakes work that makes health and wellness better
  • A great, collegial workplace with understanding, innovative co-workers who care as much as you do about getting the work right
  • Encouragement to ask probing questions and openness to new ideas
  • Creative problem solving alongside internal and external teams who see you as a partner
  • Investment in your growth and development
  • Competitive pay and benefits

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ARCpoint Labs offers businesses a reliable partner for all drug and alcohol testing, policy development, and supervisory training in addition to convenient SARS-CoV-2 testing solutions. Our offerings are built by our dedication to providing safe and drug/alcohol-free workplaces. Many ARCpoint Labs locations offer affordable walk-in wellness solutions and clinical lab screenings to help individuals take control of their overall health and wellbeing.





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